Resident Evil 4's Clockwork Keepers: Where can I find all of the dolls?

Resident Evil 4's Clockwork Keepers: Where can I find all of the dolls? ...

The Clockwork Revolution achievement is available to anyone who attempts to defeat them.

As soon as you destroy the doll, your progress is saved. If you are killed, you don't have to do it again. If you missed something, you may retrieve one of your previous saves in New Game+.

Through the results menu, you can discover which clockwork keepers you have already destroyed. A silver icon will be displayed next to the chapter's name.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All clockwork rangers

Resident Evil 4 Remake has a total of 16 clockwork keepers, one for each chapter. They are quite difficult to spot, so take a look at the gallery below.

Continue reading until you reach the Lake Settlement. Once you enter this area, the enemies will start throwing grenades at you, so you will have to deal with them first.

Go to the house shown in the screenshot below and look for a doll standing on a wood beam of a disused roof (see screenshot 2).

In Chapter 2, when you use the hexagon emblem to open the gate next to the merchant, go ahead and climb the steps. In fact, this is the path that will lead you to the Village Headman's Mansion.

Enter the first house on the left and discover this doll in the corner to the right of the entrance (see screenshots 2-3). Here on the table there is a letter urging you to destroy the dolls.

In the third chapter, you will pass through the quarry and finally arrive at the merchant. Climb down the steps to the east of it, and then make your way towards the water to reach a point on the map below (see screenshot 2). The clockwork keeper can be seen through the gap between the canopy and the crates (see screenshot 2).

Get off a boat and drive to the Lake Settlement dock in the northwestern part of the lake. There you must enter the entrance with the emblem in the northern part of the location.

Go through the cave to the end, then into the room on the right. Climb the steps up to the altar in the forest. Stand on the spot shown in the screenshot below, and look through the fence boards (see screenshot 2). Due to darkness and rain, this doll will be difficult to see.

Go to the Village Square in the fifth chapter, and then south to the Village Chief's Mansion. Inside, you must go up to the second floor and rotate one of the photo frames (see screenshot 2) to discover a hidden lever.

The Clockworker is located on a shelf on the south side of the room, beneath some wooden planks, and by pulling on it, you will climb up the stairs to the attic. Ask Ashley for help, and then climb up.

After escaping from the villa, go to the merchant's room and continue on the linear path until you reach the point marked on the map below. Before passing through the gate, look to the right and shoot the clockwork guard standing by the large fire.

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