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A Typhoon Wave Hit The East Coast Of China And Numerous Flight Was Canceled

A Typhoon Wave Hit The East Coast Of China And Numerous Flight Was Canceled

People living near the water were evacuated, airline flights and trains were canceled, and the public was warned to stay indoors as Typhoon In-fa slammed China's east coast south of Shanghai on Sunday.

According to state television, the storm made landfall in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, quoting the national meteorological bureau. Rainfall of 10-14 inches is expected (250-350 millimeters).

The agency stated, "People should not gladly walk outside."

The storm poured rain on Taiwan and brought down tree branches earlier, but there were no deaths or injuries recorded.

According to the newspaper China Daily, over 330,000 inhabitants of Fengxian District on Shanghai's southern outskirts were evacuated as wind gusts off the coast hit 60 mph (100 kph).

Hundreds of flights were canceled at Shanghai Pudong and Shanghai Hongqiao airports, with more anticipated on Monday, according to official television. Shanghai shut down its parks and the riverside Bund region, which is a major tourist destination.

Flights were also canceled at Hangzhou International Airport, southwest of Shanghai.

According to official television, train service to Ningbo, a port city south of Shanghai, has been halted. Schools, shops, and businesses in Zhejiang province were closed, as was the Zhoushan Bridge, which connects islands near Ningbo.

Large cargo ships were relocated from Shanghai's Yangshan Port, one of the world's busiest shipping hubs, on Saturday. A ship lock in Nantong, which borders Shanghai to the north, has halted allowing vessels into the Yangtze River, according to state television.

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