When and Where Does I See You (2019) Take Place?

When and Where Does I See You (2019) Take Place? ...

'I See You' is an unusual horror thriller that follows two cops as they investigate the sudden disappearance of two young boys and investigate whether the present incidents are connected to what happened 15 years earlier when a brutal serial killer abducted and murdered several children of the same age. Two of the victims only survived. SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Does It Take Place to See You?

'I See You' is set in the present day, in which many scenes taken in the film were shot. There are also some flashback scenes set 15 years earlier when the original set of abductions and murders took place. So, 15 years before 2019, makes it 2004.

'I See You' has one of the most impactful and confusing twists of all time. The first part of the film deals with Greg and his family as he investigates the disappearances of Justin Whitter and Michael King. The second part follows Alec and Mindy, the two "phroggers," who live in the same homes as strangers 15 years ago.

Where Do I See You?

Helen Hunt, an Oscar-winning actress, plays Jackie Harper, Greg's wife, in the film. According to Matt Waldeck, the producer of 'I See You,' Hunt wanted to shoot her scenes in California, but they convinced her to come to Ohio.

In an interview with the Cleveland Magazine, Waldeck explained that she originally wanted to shoot at a real lakeside property. She thanked her for taking a risk with the first genre film she's ever seen. She was blown away when she first saw it at South by Southwest.

Waldeck, who grew up in Bainbridge, attended St. Ignatius High School. This is where Waldeck used to work as a youth at the village's Popcorn Shop. The Harper house on Edgewater Drive has direct access to Lake Erie.

'I See You' is an unusual film, as the area in Northeastern Ohio is filled with constant fear.

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