Locations of the Blue Medallions in Resident Evil 4 (Quarry) Chapter 3

Locations of the Blue Medallions in Resident Evil 4 (Quarry) Chapter 3 ...

The Resident Evil 4 remake includes side missions that require players to track down and destroy hidden blue medallions. Their exact location isn't always so obvious, so here's how to get them.

Five blue medallions are located in Quarry, all marked on your map, in the order in which you'll likely encounter them. The first two are located on the way to the boat, the other three are located in the fish farms.

#1 of the Blue Medallion

You'll be able to enter the Quarry shortly after picking up the quest. There are three enemy dogs in this area that you should clear first. After looking up high, you'll see the blue medallion on some wooden scaffolding.

#2 of the Blue Medallion

The next blue medallion is located near the boat. Once you’ve seen it, you'll see a ladder you can climb up to another platform. From here, looking down towards the level below, you'll notice the medallion.

Fish Farms are a great way to get a head start on life.

The next three medallions are located near the fish farms. This is where the boat is stored, and it is important to remove all enemies before you go.

Blue Medallion #3 is a new category of medallion.

The remaining medallions are now visible in a small hut with a floatie attached on the outside.

#4 of the Blue Medallion is now available.

Continue until you reach the next wooden platform. There will be two tripwire traps on the other side of the medallion.

Fifth Blue Medallion

Turn back and continue on your journey to the main goal after the last medallion.

From there, you will pass the last medallion's tripwire and turn around, and you realize you can go underneath the platform you just jumped off. On the other side is a chest, and to the left of it is the last blue medallion.

Congratulations, you've destroyed all of the blue medallions in the Quarry. Return to the Merchant and turn in the quest to berewarded Spinels.

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