Horimiya-Piece New Anime Confirmed for July 2023

Horimiya-Piece New Anime Confirmed for July 2023 ...

Anime Japan 2023 will release several key announcements about the popular rom-com anime Horimiya.

Horimiya is a manga/anime franchise that was first self-published on the Dokkai Ahen website in a comic-strip format, later renamed Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. Square Enix, the entertainment company that released the manga for the first time, took control of the rights.

The first anime adaptation of the manga was released in January 2021, as well as a Live-Action TV program that was released in February 2021. Now, we are heading towards Horimiya's new project, which will be titled Horimiya-piece.

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Horimiya receives a new trailer and new visual identity.

The first trailer and a key visual for Horimiya's new anime, Horimiya-Piece, was unveiled on Saturday, March 25, 2023. The anime will cover events from the source material that were not included in the previous adaptation.

The anime fandom has been waiting for a season 2 announcement for Horimiya since the first season. This isn't a second season; it's a completely new anime adaptation titled Horimiya – Piece.

The first trailer for the new anime does little to reveal much about the story, but it does give us a peek into the animation, as well as some dialogue between the protagonists.

Horimiya's warm-hearted first anime attracted many hearts due to its engaging narrative that every fan can relate to in their everyday lives. Crunchyroll describes the series as:

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