Season 2 Episode 1 of Yellowjackets Recap & Review

Season 2 Episode 1 of Yellowjackets Recap & Review ...

Romans, coworkers, and countrymen are all friends.

Soon after the revelation that Jackie froze to death outside, Lottie, Van, and Misty offer the bear heart to the authorities to "let the darkness run free."

The second storyline for Yellowjackets might continue this trend in future episodes.

The girls are seen sleeping in the camp until Lottie, Natalie, and Travis are awake. The former pair is out to find Javi, while Lottie is sitting by the window. She smears their hands with something she keeps in a small pocket pouch, and makes them drink water with her blood to ensure they are protected in the wilderness. Media people are frightened as they look for the decade's story.

Lottie is in a state of shock, having not eaten or sleep as usual, and her parents are concerned. They try to give her shock therapy to "make her right," but Lottie has haunting dreams. She is seen gently reaching into the other patient's heart and saying, "they will help you too."

Lottie, a grown-up lady, is preaching to a group of people not to "hide from themselves" or "blame others for their ailments and misery." Her followers must reconcile their primal instincts and discover themselves.

When the police pick up Adam, Misty and Shauna practice a scenario whereby the police pick her up and interrogate her about Adam. Shauna concludes the session by picking up a dog that looks like her old one. She makes sure that the transition for her family is smooth.

Tai is told to meet with the teacher's union and manage them as they will not be able to fulfill their promises during the election.

Talks of re-election are already on the rise, putting Tai on the verge of re-election. One reviewer suspects that Adam's mystery lady friend is suspicious. Callie is furious with Shauna for taking the Adam situation too lightly. Callie is also concerned about Jeff and their marriage.

Shauna recalls having a conversation with Jackie in the meat shed where her body is kept. This is due to how guilty she feels about betraying her best friend and not getting the chance to fix things. This is evident in the conversations Shauna and a deceased Jackie have about Jeff and how Shauna cheated on Jackie.

Shauna smashes down the body and Jackie's right ear falls off, which Shauna panicky keeps in her pocket when the emotions take her by surprise.

Mari tries to savor a bit of Jackie's strange behavior, but she's shut down. Shauna comes back and says since they're running out of food again, she's rationed the meat. Among them, she discovers a bunch of keys that send her reeling.

Shauna thinks the studio is across the street from Jolly Hitcher. Simone is awaiting Tai's arrival at the school, but Tai is abruptly stopped. She confronts Tai about the ritual she performed in the basement, but Tai does not remember anything.

Travis panics when he realizes Javi's dead body is in the snow, but Natalie calms him and declares it is a fox. Season 1 had no explanation for what happened to him, but Shauna admits that seeing Jeff with someone else terrified her and they went to sex.

Shauna suggests that they burn the paintings. Misty is on water-drawing duty and has a confrontation with Crystal, who cannot help but sing the song "The Glory of Love" out of her head. Ben had instructed Natalie to map out the area and she glues it together on a large board. Both believe Javi is still alive.

Misty looks for Natalie at her house, believing she had access to the house that was looted. She is being held captive by a group of cult members. Tai misses Sammy and smells his shirt. She wonders what Simone was referring to.

Natalie and Travis sat near a fire in the past. Even though the former attempts to persuade Travis that Javi has died, Travis does not believe it. Lottie suddenly appeared and does the same thing she did to her sister in 1998: keeping her hand on Travis' chest. He calms down and realizes that candles are being lit at the end of the service. He also has an erection by the end.

Natalie lures the girl looking after her with a fork and frees herself, escaping the camp, similar to the Antler Queen ritual seen in the first season's premiere.

Tai suddenly starts kissing Van, but she pushes her back. Van states that she is not afraid of Tai but perhaps she should be. Callie discovers a photograph of Adam from his license at the base of the grill, confirming her suspicions about her parents.

Natalie and Travis are seen heading further north and seeing an unprotected tree on their way. Shauna is irritatedly paces to and fro with Jackie's ear in her hands. She closes her eyes and puts it in her mouth.

Well, well, well. Even if it was very short-lived, Shauna's observation of Jackie's ears gives us an idea of what might happen to the other girls who we did not see return in the small glimpse we saw after they were rescued in 1998. Lottie appears to be taking center stage this season.

Lottie is our augur for what will follow. Tai's mystery is a bit difficult to unravel. It's unclear why she cannot remember the horrifying tableau in the basement.

Misty is wary of threats to her pals and they are fortunate to have her. Larry's interaction at the motel was funny and pleasant. Shauna's secret has been exposed as Callie discovered Adam's photo and an online conspiracy theorist is also on her trail.

A better season opener and a more enthralling start to learning about the Yellowjackets are unquestionable.

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