Recap, review, and conclusion of Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10

Recap, review, and conclusion of Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10 ...


Alice is irritated by Jimmy.

Jimmy decides it's time to move forward in Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10. He packes up Tia's things and removes his wedding ring. Alice is unable to deal with the changes and accuses him of being selfish.

She later confides in him that she feels like she's losing a few parts of Tia. She doesn't want to talk to Jimmy about it, but he promises to be there for her whenever she does.

Is Sean allowed Liz to assist him in his catering business?

Liz is unsure how to respond to Sean's requests for a catering business. She finds it to be a relief for him, and it assures her that she's capable of doing more than she can.

Is Gaby a professor?

Liz enlists the help of Jimmy to discover that Paul asked Gaby to compose her own letter of recommendation for Paul to sign.

Jimmy tells Paul it's unfair to Gaby that he's been more a mentor to Jimmy than he has been to her.

Paul takes this issue to heart and goes one step further than writing Gaby a letter of recommendation. He interrupts Gaby's interview for the professorship to insist that she get the job–before he's told that it's already been offered to her. But he continues on anyway, recommending all of her abilities and giving her the help she's been lacking until now.

Is Alice able to continue to progress?

Jimmy removes Tia's belongings once more so Alice may recollect the things she left behind. He's realized that she has to choose whether or not she will discard her mother's possessions. At the end, Alice shares her thoughts about Tia with Sean.

At Brian's wedding, does Jimmy scuffle?

Jimmy is able to persuade his father to be his best man in a show of friendship to Brian. However, he is still not sure whether or not he will be able to hold the ceremony together as the officiant.

Jimmy refuses to slam his words out loud and speaks from the heart. Although his wife passed away, he still remembers how every moment with Tia, Brian, and Charlie was worth it. And before Jimmy marries Brian and Charlie, he tells everyone to keep them to themselves.

Is Jimmy still sleeping with Gaby?

Gaby notices Liz looking at Jimmy a certain way during the wedding. She's been lying with Jimmy recently, which she thinks is fine. She won't notice feelings at the wedding.

Gaby's reaction to Jimmy's wedding reveals something different. Jimmy is no longer "safe" for Liz.

Is Grace capable of assassinating Donny?

Paul assures Jimmy that he has done well with his patient preparations, although he remains unsure about his unorthodox methods with patients. Jimmy then has to admit that he got really lucky. All of his patients have made remarkable improvements.

Grace talked about her newfound independence and willingness to respect Donny in his last meeting with Jimmy. However, Jimmy's impact on Grace's life may have far-reaching consequences beyond his imagination.

Grace and Donny meet up at the top of a cliff and Grace insults her and mocks her as she reaches the end of the episode. "Boop," she says. Jimmy taught her.

Shrinking's season finale is quite adept at resurrecting the majority of characters in moving ways.

Till the unexpected encounter with Grace and Donny, I was certain that the show would dissatisfy Jimmy's behavior. It's not the nuanced treatment I was hoping for, but it gives me hope that the show will develop more people.

It's ridiculous to assume Jimmy's (supposed) death is Jimmy's fault. After all, he's been willing to assist Grace, but maybe this will set the stage for Jimmy to grapple with the things he's responsible for.

Shrinking's ultimate goal is to always keep an eye on that mission—assisting individuals and being there for people—while still allowing them to pursue their own paths and make their own changes at a pace that's appropriate for them. Perhaps that will be for another season!

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