Recap and review of the Delivery Man K-drama Episode 8

Recap and review of the Delivery Man K-drama Episode 8 ...

Delivery Man

Grandma visits Young-min dressed up and asks if he wants to go on a date. He replies yes. She jumps up and down with pride and assists him in his hair.

Ji-hyun asks if he wants to go to an important event. She replies that he's going to take her out on a date. He wants to give her a day she'll cherish forever.

Young-min tries to hold Ji-hyun's hand several times, with great effort, until Seok-jin interrupts them, asks him why he isn't working today. Young-min informs him that he is on a date and says his final goodbyes.

When Mr. Jo comes up, Seok-jin and Eun-su yells that he saw a ghost. Many taxi drivers are reporting ghost sightings, according to Seok-jin.

So-ri receives a phone call from Grandma, who asks her if she knows who Young-min's girlfriend is. Young-min claims she lied to Grandma about having a girlfriend to make her happy.

Nurse Kim Hee-yeon is being referred to his office by Dr. Do, who is always concerned about her participation in dangerous situations.

The private investigator in the room is concerned about the implications of the photographs that he took. He picks up a photo of a motorcycle and suddenly slams out of his chair.

Young-min questions Ji-hyun why she hasn't changed since ghosts are supposed to rise when they fall in love. She responds, saying, maybe Young-min doesn't love her enough. They both decide to return.

Seok-jin informs the shaman of the ghost troubles of the taxi drivers. The shaman then provides the location of the ghost sightings.

The Shaman calls Young-min and asks him to meet at a place where there have been ghost sightings. Young-min replies, saying it is because Ji-hyun is really powerful or that she is some other being. Suddenly, they are charged by the evil ghost, and the shaman holds a talisman to it, making it disappear.

Kang Hyung-soo, Ji-hyun's father, calls Young-min back and tells him that he knew Mr. Ko. They have agreed to meet.

Ji-hyun goes outside. Young-min goes after her, inquiring about what is wrong. She says that her heart aches. Young-min goes back inside and seeks out information about Se-ra, Mr. Ko's daughter. Hyung-soo tells him that she is in Korea right now.

While the detectives are debating whether continuing to investigate Jung-woo is the best strategy.

Young-min and Ji-hyun leave the cafe, and Mr. Ko tells Young-min that Jung-woo used to store dangerous medications in his locker.

Se-ra is giving a lecture at a seminar, and Young-min and Hyung-soo are in the audience. Se-ra refuses to accept Hyung-soo's hand and asks Young-min to remove it. Young-min replies, saying that she can't have her father's ghost.

Se-ra places the flash drive on her laptop. She opens the files to discover videos of her when she was little with both of her parents.

One of the stage fixtures collapses while watching Se-ra's rehearsal for her next presentation. Mr. Ko is somehow able to lift Se-ra out of the way just in time, saving her from being hit. Young-min tells Se-ra about his mother's accident and wishes he had said his final goodbyes.

The pair meet Se-ra again the following day and visit Mr. Ko's gravesite. She addresses Mr. Ko and says she's resentful to him. He says she's now aware that he didn't abandon her and that he loved her more than her. Mr. Ko tells Se-ra that he loves her.

Nurse Kim Hee-yeon joins Dr. Do on the hike to commemorate his grandfather's death.Dr. Do replies that he never liked his grandpa. She offers him a glass of champagne.

Dr. Do is flashing back to his childhood. Hee-yeon comes into the room, explaining that she is her grandpa's new nurse and that she will call the cops if he hits Dr. Do again. Later, she tends to Dr. Do's wounds. He asks Hee-yeon to be his older sister.

Hee-yeon replies that she will always be at his side, but her face looks apprehensive. We then meet the detectives who discover a significant motorcycle.

So-ri approaches Young-min and challenges him for lying to his grandma about having a girlfriend. She reluctantly accepts and looks but eventually finds nothing. Young-min asks for Jung-woo's address, and So-ri tells him that she is concerned that he is overfocusing too much on his mother's situation.

They enter Jung-woo's apartment and see the ghost's dead body lying on the ground. Ji-hyun and Young-min are both famous for their faces.

Hyung-soo is in a hospital room while holding a woman's hand, which appears to be Ji-hyun. The woman appears to be in a coma.

Ji-hyun says she feels weird and that she appears to be about to vanish. She and Young-min look at each other with fear.

This program has had a fantastic record of incorporating a lot of plot elements into each episode, and this one is no exception.

So yet, everything has made it appear as though Ji-hyun was murdered, and Dr. Do even claimed that Ji-hyun is dead... but it turns out that she is! Perhaps Ji-hyun was never a ghost after all, but whether or not this is true or not remains to be seen.

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