After intimidating an ex-drug master, 50 Cent is facing a $300 million lawsuit

After intimidating an ex-drug master, 50 Cent is facing a $300 million lawsuit ...

50 Cent remains one of the most influential rappers in the hip-hop world's history. The legendary rapper has made a name for himself in many media, including games, movies, books, and other works. Apparently, the legendary rapper is facing a lawsuit against him.

Corey "Ghost" Holland Sr. filed a $1 billion lawsuit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, and the STARZ network in 2021, alleging that 50 Cent was based on him. The charges were dismissed by the 50's legal team at the time.

Cent is being sued for a $300 million increase by Corey "Ghost" Holland, alleging that Lionsgate Entertainment permitted the rapper to launch a vicious and ongoing intimidation campaign against him.

According to AllHipHop, 50 Cent orchestrated an intimidation campaign against Holland, although Lionsgate Entertainment is said to be aware of 50's harmful behaviors, but failed to take appropriate steps.

Holland is being sued for $300 million for intentional emotional distress and negligent hiring and retention, among other charges. Lionsgate Entertainment is also being prohibited from using Holland's life story in future productions without his consent and compensation.

50 Cent has not yet issued a response to the new lawsuit, but it is likely that fans and legal experts will be watching this case closely. Keep checking back on Thirsty For News for further information.

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