Jack-8's Gameplay in Tekken 8 Has Been Revealed

Jack-8's Gameplay in Tekken 8 Has Been Revealed ...

The latest version of the menacing robot appears better than ever in the new trailer. Jack has been a regular part of the franchise since Tekken and has been upgraded over the years.

In the Tekken 8 gameplay trailer, Jack-8 appears to be a force to be reconfirmed.

Jack-8 has undergone a major overhaul, looking more like a robot than ever before. The stunning new robotic body has a superb appearance that both looks robust and fear-inflicting at the same time. In the most recent gameplay for Tekken 8, we see him making a fool of King.

Jack-8 utilizes the same rail gun as he approaches the battlefield as a finishing maneuver, and it appears to be one of the best we have seen of the rest of the roster. Jack-8 seems to be a character that most Jack fans will fall in love with.

Another highlight from Tekken 8 is that the characters appear to have a lot more personality and stance. The graphics and mechanics feel next-gen.

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