Minecraft is used to make the Telegraph

Minecraft is used to make the Telegraph ...

All this is possible thanks to the improved sensors and amethyst blocks' capabilities.

A new gameplay feature has been implemented in Minecraft test versions: you can transmit resonance by using amethyst blocks and calibrated acoustic sensors. It was discovered that on the basis of the "calibrated sensor / amethyst block" package, you may make a type of communication tool.

Tomoztech, a Redditor, created something like a telegraph from a set of acoustic sensors and amethyst blocks. The idea is straightforward: a vibration is created at the start, and then it is transmitted through a network of acoustic sensors to the receiver.

The use of calibrated acoustic sensors allows for acoustic monitoring in which vibrations are filtered based on their frequency. This enables the transmission to be activated only when the desired vibration occurs.

According to the redditor, similar systems could be built before in Minecraft, but they only worked if a mob was nearby. With the new features, there should be no such issues.

In the tomoztech demo video, it's true: the signal is transmitted for a maximum of eight blocks. That's why telegraph towers are so close — otherwise, the signal will just not reach the destination.

Fans anticipate that developers will increase the signal transmission capability for calibrated acoustic sensors over time: this will not affect the performance of conventional sensors, but will enable players to construct interesting wireless systems.

This is a fascinating piece of research.

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