Jack-8 is the presenter of Tekken 8's gameplay trailer

Jack-8 is the presenter of Tekken 8's gameplay trailer ...

The latest teaser for the Tekken 8 gameplay has been released by Bandai Namco. Jack-8 is a brutal cyborg that has appeared several times in the Tekken series.

Jack is a series of Soviet-made robots who have been improved from chapter to chapter to be more and more competitive. Ultra-violence is a term used by the Russians to describe him. He was first sent to the Tekken tournament to stop Kazuya Mishima, which he failed. After Jack was upgraded to the Jack-2 version, which was destroyed during his mission.

Will he be able to win this time and leave us with no transistors? We will see when Tekken 8 is released. While we’re at it, let's see him fight King in the video dedicated to him, which also shows all of his super moves.

Before we leave you, we remind you that Tekken 8 is currently being developed for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with the release scheduled for April 2024, according to the publisher. Stay tuned to our pages to get all the latest information on the next game in the series that emerged from the Tekken World Tour.

Along with Jack-8's talk, you may see Paul Phoenix, King, and Marshall Law's video presentations.

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