MetaHuman's face is etched in Unreal Engine 5: video game's future

MetaHuman's face is etched in Unreal Engine 5: video game's future ...

Epic Games illustrated the future of Unreal Engine 5 and demonstrated the abilities of MetaHuman, a powerful tool for capturing hyper-realistic figures and features.

Epic's keynote set the stage for the iPhone's introduction: all content creators who own an iPhone will be able to virtually instantly make realistic faces and create complex animations for video games, multimedia experiences, and other interactive projects.

The addition of MetaHuman to the iPhone goes in the direction of Epic Games in recent months: the US company's intention is to revolutionize video game development, automating all of those steps that, otherwise, would require a lot of effort, time, effort, and money, especially for those indie teams looking to build hyper-realistic digital experiences on Unreal Engine 5.

To understand the possibilities of this technology and its potential applications in the videogame entertainment industry, take a look at the Hellblade 2 tech demo based on UE5 and MetaHuman. Theactress Melina Juergens will play Senua in the Hellblade sequel.

To get more information on the topics covered in the video that stands out at the beginning of the article, please visit MetaHuman and Unreal Engine 5.

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