Is Instagram stuffed with adverts? It's going to get worse!

Is Instagram stuffed with adverts? It's going to get worse! ...

Do you find it irritating to see ads between stories or even between posts in the Instagram Feed? No problem! Things are likely to get worse in the near future.

What platform is now giving Meta the most money? Instagram, of course. Which is why, in addition to the already existing advertising on the platform, the giant company decided to explore two other methods of placing ads in front of platform users!

Now, you'll begin seeing even more ads in search, and imagine that, Instagram will begin sending you notifications to your smartphone, and watch, of various topics! As is the possibility to receive reminders of some interesting things you see on the social network, such as television show premieres, or product launches.

Despite some interest in the middle of the story, it's more ads for a platform that has already been harmed by advertising hype. This is a risky move by Meta, which might result in an even greater outpouring of users dissatisfied with this method of doing things.

In the end, we must highlight the use of paid verification, just like on Twitter, which is now being deployed in the North American market. Or else, he sold it to the Devil, and that's why, from now on, it's going to be falling constantly.

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