After The Room: The Director's Worst Film Trailer for the New Film!

After The Room: The Director's Worst Film Trailer for the New Film! ...

The Room von Tommy Wiseau is well-known for the first time in 20 years, with James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Alison Brie as actors. This time, Tommy Wiseau has made a second film.

Here is Big Shark!

Big Shark, the latest film from The Room, has been released on the Internet this week, although it is said to have been shown for some time before special screenings of The Room. More performances are planned for the summer. It is yet to be confirmed when we will also be able to see Big Shark in full length.

PC game enthusiasts are also fond of the program.

"Jar Jar Binks" makes a remarkable comeback in Star Wars.

Ahmet Best, the actor who plays Jar Jar Binks, has been putting a smile on the faces of all Star Wars enthusiasts for a few days.

Remakes of Disney classics: Why are modifications necessary and correct?

Actress convinces: The remakes are superior to the originals due to their diverse cast roles and dramatic changes.

What is the subject of the film?

Big Shark needs three firefighters to protect the US city of New Orleans. Greg Sestero, Isaiah LaBorde, and Tommy Wiseau play the three main characters. There will be a screening of the film shortly.

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Tommy Wiseau is also the filmmaker of Big Shark, who is also directed and written the screenplay. Übrigens, filming for Big Shark began in 2019. Most recently, Tommy Wiseau was the star of Best F(r)iends to see in cinemas.


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