In Hogwarts Legacy, you'll find where to find and how to collect traces

In Hogwarts Legacy, you'll find where to find and how to collect traces ...

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that tries to find ancient magic scattered across 20 open world locations. Passing them will increase the likelihood of the ancient magic indicator, which will allow you to cast ultimate spells more often.

We will highlight the location of all of the ancient magic centers in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as rewards for passing the tests.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you open old magic pockets?

After completion of the story "Trial of Percival Rackham," the opportunity to go to trials will begin. They are shown on the map as symbols of ancient magic. Also, at the maximum distance of the map, you can see the ratio of the number of completed and available outbreaks.

First go to the source of the ancient magic test and press F. There will appear in the district three traces of ancient of magic to pick up, which often involves solving simple spatial puzzles and combat. After collecting three tracks the hearth is automatically considered completed.

On the surface of the world, all hearths are hidden under ruins. Use the broom to fly freely into difficult to reach places, thereby bypassing many puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy contains all of the ancient magic hearths.

The main attraction in the restored fortress in the western part of the forest is the toad map. Jump into the toads to explore difficult-to-reach areas of the fortress and collect all three magical trails.

In the ruins chosen by the spiders, on the edge of the forest, burn webs with Incendio spells, and fight spiders to reach difficult-to-reach areas.

East of Hogsmeade, in the old keep, burn out the plants that blocked the passage and break the hooks with loads, which will open the way to the first floor of the building from above.

The forest belt west of Hogsmeade contains remnants of ancient magic. Collect the path near the grave in the main castle room, then break the planks in the floor with a basic spell to go down to the tomb and collect all the traces on the lower level. Open the secret chamber of the tomb with the last remnant of ancient magic by moving the bones to get out of the tomb.

Collect traces from the preserved tower and the preserved room of the ruined fortress south of Lower Hogsfield. There is a movable crate to get higher, but don't forget the broom. The Spiked Spider Matriarch, who lives near the fortress, is extremely strong.

Visit the remains of the tower above which the Trial of Merlin is located. First remove poachers from the area, then examine the wall above it, and the room with the overgrown entrance. The tower has an upper floor with a hidden legendary chest.

Near Kinbridge, a decaying house has no traces, although there is a passage to the dungeon with a puzzle. All remnants of ancient magic are located on the chimney of the house and around it, in the middle of the fields.

To discover all of the magic left by the ancient castle, visit its interiors and the upper level, which also houses the astronomical table.

Explore the outer outskirts of Brockburrow's fortress, where the Bird in Hands quest takes place. Fight spiders, burn out the Confringo or Incendio's webs, and look for hidden passages in the fortress's outbuildings.

The next hearth is west of the previous one. Start the challenge by climbing down from the broom to the wooden platform on the second level of the castle. Burn vegetation, fly your broomstick to get to the difficult-to-reach upper areas of the castle, and move crates to get into otherwise inaccessible rooms.

This focus is on the area where the poachers' camp is located. Identify targets, investigate the structures in the area and the steps taken out of the rock (see screenshot) in order to locate tracements.

It's in a small fortress near Priya Treadwell's business, and Ranrok loyalist goblins hang around. Climb the steps of the fortress and fly around it with a broomstick to collect all the magic particles.

Starts in the ruins adjacent to the troll habitat. Visit 2 ruin buildings and a troll lair to complete this hearth. The two trolls are not required to battle you, simply grab the trace of magic in their lair with your broomstick.

To pass the test, you need to thrust your broom into high, hard-to-reach areas and use fire spells to remove vegetation that interferes with the passage.

Start the trial at the entrance to the ruined farm and cast a level 1 Alohomora spell. Explore the interiors by smashing stone rubble and wooden partitions, burning leaves, and moving crates to reach the upper floors and rooftops.

Explore the ruined estate and its annex, grab the handles with the Accio spell, defy the Devil's wreaks with Lumos, and pass the test.

Examine the Ranrok's original bridge tower, which was captured by the supporters. Two of the three ancient magic doors are easily accessible: one is under the bridge, the other is on the way to the top of the tower. However, the third one is locked in the room and can only be opened by goblins.

Visit the old church with its cemetery. Beware of infernalrising from the graves. Two out of three ancient magic spots are reachable with a broomstick and are on the upper ruined floors, which are locked behind a grate with a rotating switch, opened by the Depulso spell.

The last one is at the highest point, under the roof.

The location of the test's activation is in the tower. Climb to the top of the tower, explore its peak and outer walls, and discover three traces of magic nearby. There is no need to go there to collect all of the particles.

How can I increase the quantity of ancient magic?

Claim rewards in the challenge menu to boost your ancient magic by up to three divisions:

Select "Research" from the menu "Tests." Click on the icons with ancient magic to get additional strips of the ultimate ability.

Note that the passage of all foci is required for the achievement "Collector's Edition" in the future, pursuant to which you must collect all of the game's collections.

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