VKontakte will add an AI editor for photos and videos to its auto-translator, as well as begin correcting errors in posts

VKontakte will add an AI editor for photos and videos to its auto-translator, as well as begin corre ...

In the second half of this year, the social network VKontakte intends to release a separate photo and video editing software. TASS reports that a video auto-translator, a collaborative text editor, and many other useful services will be presented.

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According to the press service, neural networks will enhance video resolution, remove objects, or alter yourself in a video with a celebrity in just one click.

With the aid of AI algorithms, you may transform a horizontal photo into a vertical one, or you may alter the appearance of a character in the picture.

The social network will also correct the spelling, punctuation, and style of the communities' texts, first into four, then into eight, and by the end of the year – as avatars. In addition, the social network will automatically dub the video in Russian and with a voice like the character in the video.

A text editor that supports co-editing text will allow you to create tables and boards on the social network, edit papers, view the changelog, add multilevel lists, etc.

The social network has begun testing a global reboot of the Communities section, which will be based on a new recommender system, personalized collections on various topics created using neural networks, as well as recommendations from bloggers and other opinion leaders.

The social network intends to expand community support for tokens, as well as the creation of an NFT marketplace that allows for the primary and secondary sale of tokens, as well as the possibility to develop their own collections.

The VK Clips short vertical video service will include a powerful video editor, which includes color correction, multi-screen, sound effects, and other features. The service's new music catalog will include editorial playlists divided into genres, moods, and other categories.

Marina Krasnova, the CEO of the social network, VK Video, VK Clips, and VK Calls, content creators made more than 4 billion rubles in 2022.

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