Activision-Microsoft: Sony has a monopoly on the US Senate

Activision-Microsoft: Sony has a monopoly on the US Senate ...

The Activision-Microsoft feud has continued to hold sway in the gaming industry, particularly in the wake of Sony's requests to Microsoft for PSVR2 and more in recent weeks and months. Today, however, a US senator's position on Sony is being discussed.

Senator Mary Cantwell, who represents Washington State, spoke out about Sony's position in Japan's gaming market, claiming that the latter is akin to a monopoly following a recent Senate maneuver.

Maria Cantwell said there would be an imbalance within the gaming industry, favored by trade commissions. In this scenario, the US Senate member suggested Microsoft would only have a 2% market share.

Cantwell told US Trade Representative Katherine Tai that Sony has monopolized a 98% share of the high-end video game market, while not including Nintendo and other Sony and Microsoft competitors into the equation. These statements are connected to a two-way thread to the latest Activision-Microsoft revelations, which have repeatedly revealed a nature that isn't compatible with the intention to reward videogame users through proper regulation of the acquisition.

Microsoft and Sony have decided not to pursue a Call of Duty agreement due to this reason. For the time being, however, organizations around the world are expected to provide further feedback on the Microsoft acquisition of the Activision-Blizzard group. Senator Cantwell may stir things up.

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