Bloober on the Silent Hill 2 remake: What's New?

Bloober on the Silent Hill 2 remake: What's New? ...

Piotr Babieno of the Bloober Team revealed that the "Silent Hill 2 Remake" is nearing completion. He also revealed that he intends to do VR work, but without establishing a direct connection to the "Silent Hill" series.

After the horror game "Silent Hill" lapsed for many years, several games are in the works, including a remake of "Silent Hill 2," which is being developed by Bloober Team. The game's creator, Piotr Babieno, revealed information in an interview.

According to Babieno, the team is "close to" completing the remake of "Silent Hill 2," although the title has not been released. The release date depends on Konami.

Konami seems to be waiting for the right moment to release the Silent Hill 2 remake, which should not be a bad starting position for the title.

'Silent Hill 2' will be released as a console exclusive for the PS5 as well as the PC. According to publisher Konami, the original creators, such as art director Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka, are closely involved in the project.

Is there any VR support on the way?

Both the PS5 and the PC support Virtual Reality, which, like the Resident Evil Village PSVR2, raises the question whether Bloober may also have similar intentions.

Bloober wants to dedicate himself to this topic and develop a horror film with VR integration, despite there being no relevant information.

"VR is the long-term future of horror," Babieno said in an interview. "Horror is a genre that, like virtual reality, relies on immersion. If you examine the increasing available, more powerful, and cheaper VR equipment, you can say that we are on the verge of an extensive immersive revolution."

According to Babieno, VR is critical to the company, and partners are even pushing the studio for such productions. "We want an innovative product that is aware of its medium and speaks the language of virtual reality," says the Bloober founder, who is confident that 2027 will be a success in this arena.

This might interest you as well as Silent Hill 2.

A new documentary on the brand is also in the works. Just recently, information on the main cast and filming for "Return to Silent Hill" was leaked.

Silent Hill 2: More information

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