Two games are in the works, according to a former GTA designer

Two games are in the works, according to a former GTA designer ...

Several questions arise as to why is this project going to be the next big thing? What are these games? Why are they two at the same time? Who is it? Voted by GTA players as the original architect of GTA 5 and GTA Online?

Leslie is recognized by his close colleagues as a pioneering and innovative gaming innovator. During a brief introduction, we and the press representatives from other European countries will ask questions.

On the other hand, neither! Because you don't want to stamp on the creation a single word. However, in addition to big, ambiguous words, it's the actions that count.

When words follow action, it's the same.

Benzies hasn't been standing still since Leslie and Rockstar North split in 2016. A number of GmbHs are linked to his new venture in the UK company register. The most important company formation is the studio Build A Rocket Boy with accompanying companies.

What is the point of PC games?

Nevertheless, Leslie and the studio he founded are working on a "world-shaking platform" that will revolutionize gaming. She keeps every bit of information, no matter how tiny, in a subreddit for the game that was first announced in 2022 and goes by the name Everywhere.

Everything should be possible in Everywhere, and, similar to a social channel, the lives of players should take place here, as well as a social hub and platform for free development.

Trust is a currency.

Crack sus is a generic term used by entrepreneurs to describe the world of games and its uses. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are often not far away. When three blockchain-related job postings appeared on Build a Rocket Boy's website in 2022, the studio attempted to calm the storm and mentioned the installation of strictly consulting and research positions.

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