Players on the Nintendo Switch are being forced to behave as a result of a new update

Players on the Nintendo Switch are being forced to behave as a result of a new update ...

Nintendo's current behavior towards its own fans is like a carrot and stick — and the Japanese company has banned the player from receiving a great free gift for the Switch earlier this week, which has now a stronger mouth than before. The new firmware has already been released for download, and is therefore essential in order to continue playing online.

Switch receives a fresh firmware update.

The Nintendo console now has firmware version 16.0.1, which was previously released as a "stability upgrade". According to Nintendo, the issue was mainly fixed.

Several other innovations were only discovered by skilled users who shared their findings online.

Switch Online's Micro Switch is a small upgrade.

Nintendo has made a few changes to the Game Boy games collection, which is now available to players who have an online subscription on the Switch (buy now €332.99)

Nintendo is censoring Nintendo Switch users.

The most significant and important advancement outside of the bug fixes is the one that has been active for a long time, Censorship of some "bad" words on the Switch. Some time ago, Nintendo created an internal list in many languages for this purpose.

This is primarily for the purpose that the Switch will continue to be a family-friendly platform to position — a reputation that Nintendo both adores and enjoys sometimes as a source of ridicule.

PC games lovers are also a fan.

The official Nintendo Switch online shop is having a massive sale.

One of Germany's most popular games is now available for free — in the worst possible version.

The list of Nintendo's censorship has been expanded.

With the new Nintendo Switch update to firmware 16.0.1, there are newer and improved bad words that may be used as user names for online games.

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