A new trailer for ArcRunner sets an official release date for the game

A new trailer for ArcRunner sets an official release date for the game ...

PQube, the publisher of the game, has released a new trailer for Dell'action ArcRunner, in which the game will be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

In the video we can also see gameplay sequences that help us understand the videos moods and how some aspects of the fight will be handled. Let's see how the video plays out:

KORE, the legendary space station The Arc, has been infected by a metavirus, triggering the ArcRunner protocol. Your task is to go through the station, defeat its guardians, find KORE, and restore it. What's the problem? Every robotic entity on The Arc is chasing you, trying to stop you from accomplishing your task.

WHO WILL YOU BE? Play as a great tactical agent and choose your new cyber android body from one of three models. Depending on your style of play, you may want to become a versatile champion of combat, a fast and deadly fighter or an infiltration and reprogramming specialist... The choice is yours! From an energy hammer to a katana, every character has its own weapon or skill with benefits.

COLLECT YOUR WEAPONSKeep an eye on new weapons as you progress through The Arc station! They may be dropped by enemies or bosses as rewards for challenges, or they may be found in supply crates as a tactical advantage! If you want to increase the damage done by your weapons, make permanent improvements with nanites and upgrades!

PERFECT YOUR GAME Increase your chances of survival in the next match by selecting the nanites you have obtained and using them to activate powerful meta-progression upgrades in the cryochamber. Upgrade your character by choosing from four enhancements that will increase weapon damage and abilities, as well as additional guns!

AMAZING 3D CYBERPUNK GRAPHICSTo reach KORE and defeat the AI, you must first go through The Arc station! From The City, the down-and-out dystopian cyberpunk metropolis, to Eden Heights, the wealthy's hometown, each level is completely random, so it might include sectors from different game modes as well as a Challenge Chest!

PLAY WITH A FRIEND... OR TWO! Why risk facing KORE alone if you can get your friends to help you? ArcRunner online with up to three players to defeat the evil AI together!

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