In April, Stranded Alien Dawn will be released

In April, Stranded Alien Dawn will be released ...

Stranded Alien Dawn will be released next month on PC and consoles by Frontier Foundry and Haemimont Games.

The survival game will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, via Steam and Epic Game Store.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a 3D world in which every decision is made by a small group of survivors. Beginning with nothing but the basics, players will need to ensure the marooned survivors can thrive together, while learning to appreciate their natural surroundings.

Survivors must fight off alien wildlife invasions, acquire knowledge of unusual new plants, and research new technologies in order to truly thrive in Sobrius's high-tech fortress. They must salvage, hunt, farm, and craft their way to establishing a prosperous base in order to fulfill their ultimate goal.

To maintain well-being, players must ensure the group can work together when challenged to the brink, from mysterious illnesses to extreme weather.

Early access players and anyone who pre-order or buy the game before May 9 will receive an Emergency Landing Pod Model for their bases, as well as a new wooden plank construction material.

In a press release, developers stated that an additional content update for early access players will be released on March 28 to add the Trading Outpost scenario.

"A number of new features allow players to trade resources with four distinct factions, while also introducing an interesting new survivor to the roster," according to a press release.

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