Jimin draws on clips from the Like Crazy film to make his solo appearance with FACE

Jimin draws on clips from the Like Crazy film to make his solo appearance with FACE ...

Jimin has finally made his much-anticipated solo debut with his EP FACE. The singer also released a stunning music video for Like Crazy, which has captivated fans' attention. Let's take a look at the song's swoon-worthy lyrics, FACE tracklist, and more.

Jimin, BTS' lead vocalist and main dancer, began his solo quest earlier this year when he collaborated with K-Pop sensation Taeyang for the song VIBE. After the star collaboration, Jimin revealed the news of his awaited solo project. Earlier this month the singer made his return and sent the internet into a frenzy with Set Me Free Pt.2.

Jimin has finally released his solo album, FACE, and Like Crazy's cinematic music video, inspired by a 90s vibe.

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Jimin's Like Crazy Dialogue

There's a softly whispered exchange between a man and a woman at the start of Like Crazy by Jimin. The movie's script for Like Crazy is actually from the same movie.

Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anton Yelchin star in the 2011 film. The dialogue that has made it into Jimin's Like Crazy is as follows:

'I believe we could last forever,' a woman says. The guy replies, "I'm afraid that everything will vanish." "Just trust me," she says.

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Lyrics of "Always"

Jimin's latest album Like Crazy is already enticing fans with his romantic and heartfelt lyrics.

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Tracklist for the FACE album

The Promise hitmaker narrated the depths of his solo work and aptly dubbed it the "Circle of Resonance."

"Face, the reflection of myself in an unfamiliar appearance." A small tremor, an echo, a small movement to reach you. Waves flow beautifully, reaching others while transmitting the inner voice. Despite repeated falls and pain,

FACE is a six-song album.

  • Face-off
  • Interlude : Dive
  • Like Crazy
  • Alone
  • Set Me Free Pt.2
  • Like Crazy (English Version)
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