Everything You Need to Know About Tracey McShane About Jon Stewart's Wife

Everything You Need to Know About Tracey McShane About Jon Stewart's Wife ...

  • Jon Stewart is a comedian, most well-known for his time hosting ‘The Daily Show.’
  • He’s been married to Tracey McShane since 2000.
  • She’s worked as a vet tech and writer.
  • They have two kids.

Jon Stewart is one of the most powerful voices in political comedy. After becoming a household name as the host of The Daily Show, the comedian, 60, has not shied away from using his celebrity status to either promote political causes he believes are worthwhile or call out injustices.

Tracey McShane, a comedian who has remained by his side throughout his career, has been a constant companion. They have been married since 2000, and they're still going strong twenty-two decades later.

What happened to Jon and Tracey?

Jon disclosed that he was invited to meet his wife on a blind date while filming Wishful Thinking. In a 2002 interview on Larry King Live, a crew member suggested her roommate (who happened to be Tracey). And when she described her, I thought, "Well, I'd be a jackass not to take this lady out."

The comedian continued and stated that he'd spent the money on cigarettes, but he got the crew member's phone number from the call sheet. She replied, saying, "I'm afraid to say a lot." She also has a tendency when she's nervous not to talk."

Jon was suggested by a crossword puzzle.

Jon, being one of the most thought-provoking comedians, admitted that he had a very clever idea. He enlisted the help of New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz, who published his proposal, according to The Los Angeles Times. Even after proposing, he continued that doing crossword puzzles is a real bond for him.

A sanctuary for animals was co-founded by the couple.

Tracey and Jon enjoy crossword puzzles more than anything else. The couple co-founded a private animal sanctuary in New Jersey, called Hockhockson Farm.

The Hey Friend Foundation assists with other community-based issues, including nutrition. "Our purpose is to bring together community leaders and other like-minded organizations to better serve communities in need and alleviate nutrition insecurity," the organization says on its website.

She is a writer and a former vet technology employee.

Tracey has had a variety of interesting jobs outside of co-founding the sanctuary. In a 2015 interview on NPR's Fresh Air, she revealed that her husband suggested she return to school for a veterinarian. "It was the greatest job I ever had," she said.

Tracey is the co-founder of the now-defunct Moomah Magazine, which is her Instagram handle.

Tracey and Jon have two children.

Tracey and Jon are also avid parents to two teenage children. Their son Nathan Thomas Stewart was born in 2004, and their daughter Maggie Rose Stewart was born in 2006.

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