Teddy will be murdered in Snowfall by Franklin? Theories

Teddy will be murdered in Snowfall by Franklin? Theories ...

Franklin Saint's quest to retrieve the $73 million Theodore "Teddy" McDonald steals from him is centered on his girlfriend Veronique Turner and her mother Cassandra Turner, who finds him a way to reimburse him. In the fifth episode of the season, he threatens to take Teddy's life if the former CIA agent refuses to repay his money.

Teddy will Franklin be killed?

Franklin and Teddy have been partners in crime for a considerable time. Teddy steals Franklin's $73 million to follow his own desires. Cassandra tracks Teddy's accountant William Cox, only to discover that they cannot retrieve the money they stole from him.

Teddy dismisses Franklin's threats and kills Robert to make a statement, stating to the former that he would not hesitate to destroy him as well. Franklin may need to withdraw from the United States if he wishes to live a luxurious and undisturbed existence.

Teddy's aim isn't to live a normal life elsewhere; he wants to use the money he stole from Franklin to return to the CIA. "He wants to go back inside the walls," says TVLine. "This season, it's: 'Can he use that money?'

Teddy will most likely not be able to avoid Franklin's threat if he does not retrieve the $73 million he earned as a result of his blood relative's death. The last thing Franklin wants while he attempts to rebuild his empire is to have the CIA on his side.

Franklin might choose to hurt Teddy's close relatives in order to thrash him and retrieve his money. If Franklin murders them, Teddy will be protecting his life by causing the deaths of his close relatives. Additionally, the DEA or the KGB may capture Teddy, which may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the former to save himself from Franklin.

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