Is there a possibility of a Counter-Strike 2 release on Steam?

Is there a possibility of a Counter-Strike 2 release on Steam? ...

Even though the Steam Deck was just recently released, players who want to try out the next Counter-Strike game are already attracted to it.

Valve hasn't tantamount to teased Counter-Strike 2 as formally informed people that it's happening. Following SteamDB's actions has sparked speculation and a lot of fun.

The game was not announced if or not it would be compatible with Steam Deck. It's not so much "will it play" as "how" will it play.

The Steam version of Counter-Strike 2 is now available.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will likely work on the Steam Deck, although Valve has not confirmed it.

Counter-Strike 2 Valve is the first major hardware breakthrough, and its design philosophy is likely to mirror that of many other competitive games.

Valve and many other studios have optimized their published games to run on almost every platform, both in developing countries, where internet cafes remain popular, as well as those in less fortunate areas of the world.

The absence of a mouse and keyboard is the only real drawback, but whether Valve intends to appeal to a younger audience by focusing on using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard remains to be seen.

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