In Counter-Strike 2, what will happen to CS:GO skins and cases?

In Counter-Strike 2, what will happen to CS:GO skins and cases? ...

Many gamers were wondering what would happen to things from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the moment, Steam's most popular shooter has a large assortment of items.

Weapons Weaponry

During the announcement of the sequel, all existing skins will be transferred to Counter-Strike 2, allowing players to have a worry about their collection. Old skins will have new textures, but their appearance will not vary much.

More information on the official support page for the limited CS:2 testing is available. However, they caution that at first there may be issues related to the display or absence of individual items, so pick your favorites right away.


The new Counter-Strike 2 game does not include information on the change in the loot system. Old cases will most likely also be transferred to the new game, since they will carry the same skins as CS 2.

Stickers are an integral part of the advertising campaign.

Graffiti is a term used to refer to painters.

Graffiti in CS:GO isn't popular enough, but Valve is unlikely to give it up. Due to their small number compared to existing skins, they are simpler to port than to be completely removed from the new game.


The same crates that drop weapon skins as in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where there was no information about them individually, but they will most likely be transferred to CS: 2, as the rest of the loot from previous cases.


However, in the videos that Valve released during the announcement, familiar skins for special forces and terrorists flicker. Therefore, the transfer of operatives to the new engine will definitely be, and with updated models.


There is no new information on CS:GO patches. However, given that the operative's skins will definitely be transferred to Counter-Strike 2, it is worth waiting for the transfer of stripes. After all, patches are one with existing character skins.

Sets of music

CS2 music sets may be deleted, but we should assume that all music selections will remain, since in the comments to the closed test it is stated that you may use all items from CS:GO.

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