Find Out How to Join the Counter-Strike 2 Beta

Find Out How to Join the Counter-Strike 2 Beta ...

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the next chapter in the franchise. New gameplay features that increase the excitement of the battlefield are just a few of the evolution over the years.

Find Out How to Join the Counter-Strike 2 Beta

The creators of Counter-Strike 2 must be hand-picked in the Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, having a good "trust factor" and recent experience playing on Valve's official servers are both extremely desirable.

Users may complete the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test before the game's official release in the Summer of 2023. Be assured that the developers will be releasing more information via the CS:GO hub menu in the near future.

The unlocked firearms from the original Counter-Strike may be brought into the Limited Test and played in games like Deathmatch. At this moment, the player's stockpile cannot be changed outside of CS:GO. Any knowledge points gained throughout the examination may be transferred to the previous part, further improving your soldier's capabilities.

Even for those who can't take the Limited Test, CS:GO may have powerful smoke grenades and sub-tick features.

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