In a trailer for the final episodes of Titans, the game is back for blood

In a trailer for the final episodes of Titans, the game is back for blood ...

In the final six episodes of HBO Max's superhero drama, the Titans clap for the last time.

Titans Season 4 will be released on Thursday, April 13, followed by weekly episodes until the series' conclusion on May 11.

After a confrontation with Joseph Morgan's Brother Blood on Titans Season 4, Episode 6, "Brother Blood," in December 2022, the series took a break.

According to previous reports, HBO Max has canceled Titans and Doom Patrol, stating that both shows would finish with their current seasons.

Less than a month before the Titans premiere, the streaming service has unveiled a closer look at the last moments of the series, as well as new key art.

Dick Grayson and Koriand'r are transported to a different reality, as shown by their matching wedding rings and pajamas, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The remaining Titans are assigned to locating a way to get Dick and Kory back and defeating Mother Mayhem and Brother Blood, both of whom are steadfast on resurrecting Trigon. All the while, Rachel discovers that Sebastian is feeding her power and Conner continues to be adamant about his Lex Luthor side.

New episodes, in perfect Titans fashion, also imply a new outfit for someone who has been waiting for the Titans — Jay Lycurgo's Tim Drake.

Tim is shown in the Robin suit, which TV Line claims is designed by Laura Jean ("LJ") Shannon. Curran Walters is seen reprising as Jason Tudd, who is apparently training Tim on how to be Robin.

When new episodes of HBO Max begin streaming next month, Titans fans will notice something — or someone — that they can look forward to.

Nothing is more unambiguously exciting than the final scene in the trailer, which includes Beast Boy, Starfire, Nightwing, Robin, and Raven.

Watch the Titans trailer here:

Season 4 of Titans will be renewed on Thursday, April 13th.

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