Domestic battery charges of Justin Roiland have been dropped, prompting a self-righteous victory declaration

Domestic battery charges of Justin Roiland have been dropped, prompting a self-righteous victory dec ...

Justin Roiland's charges against him regarding an alleged incident back in January 2020 have been dropped, according to Roiland's own statement and confirmed by Variety. "We dismissed the charges today because we did not have sufficient evidence to support the case beyond a reasonable doubt."

Justin Roiland believes this is the finest evidence against which to proceed with a trial. "I have always known that these statements are false," he added on Twitter. "I never had any doubt that this day would come."

The meaning of his vile lies is unresolved, but it might be the whole thread from THR documenting years of Roiland being a difficult to deal with and a diminished, borderline irrelevant creative force on Rick and Morty. There are also allegations, with screenshots, of Roiland engaging with women and/or underage girls in a manner that might be deemed completely inappropriate.

Justin Roiland has been cleared of the charges, but he appears to be a bit self-righteous, continuing in his statement: "I'm surprised that so many people were so quick to make a judgement based solely on the word of an embittered ex who vowed to bypass due process and have me 'canceled." It's shameful that it may have succeeded, even partially, but I'm determined to keep going and reclaim my good name."

The majority of the actors who worked with Roiland have already broken up. He was also dropped from Solar Opposites and Koala Man on Hulu, and he voluntarily resigned from his own game development company, Squanch Games, which created High on Life.

Even if Justin Roiland is completely innocent of all the allegations that have been brought against him in the case of domestic violence, people still think he's a bad guy and a creep that no one wants to welcome him back anyway. But time will tell if Mel Gibson's career is ever fully ended.

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