Tax Heaven 3000 Is an Anime Dating Sim That Dos Your Taxes

Tax Heaven 3000 Is an Anime Dating Sim That Dos Your Taxes ...

Visual novels can aid in video games. For instance, Doki Doki Literature Club adds horror elements to the text-based genre. Heck, Tron is even including himself in the action, with a detective slant. That's where Visual Novel Tax Heaven 3000 comes in, although with an anime touch.

Have a look at Gematsu's announcement teaser here.

Tax Heaven 3000 is a game where you meet individuals, meet each other intimately, and prepare your federal taxes for 2022. There are a variety of endings to be seen, many of which I hope will not include real-life identity theft.

MSCHF Product Studio, the developers of the game, has mostly produced footwear, colognes, and one other game, Chair Simulator. This is the type of company you should trust with your Social Security Number. Seriously, do not give your SSN and personal information to the cute anime girl. Hire an accountant instead.

Tax Heaven 3000 will be released on Steam on March 31 as a free-to-play game. There will also be a physical collector's edition with a body pillow to purchase, unless that's a joke?

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