Florian Selby's Small World Recap and Review of Rain Dogs Season 1 Episode 3

Florian Selby's Small World Recap and Review of Rain Dogs Season 1 Episode 3 ...

Florian Selby's Little World

'The Small World of Florian Selby,' directed by Jennifer Perrott, in which Selby (Jack Farthing) reconnects with his former cellmate, Mason, who has been released from prison. Mason reminds Selby of his debt, which is about $20k, and when Selby cannot pay,Mason says he needs the money for a pressing business opportunity.

When Mason warns Iris (Fleur Tashjian) that he will be a threat to her (Selby) life if Selby does not return the money promptly, Selby realizes his limitations.

Selby requests more time, but Mason refuses to be empathetic. He withdraws the bet, but old Sammy "loses the track" (pun intended) midway. He asks his mother, Allegra, for money, but Selby refuses, claiming his entitlement. Allegra lectures him for being a failure and suggests he work, but Selby refuses to accept her offer.

Gloria and Costello talk about the latter's forthcoming date. Funnily enough, Gloria encourages Gloria to get off the "virginity wagon" with Richard, the photographer who asked Costello on a date in the last episode. Costello goes to a Sanievac food bin where people throw things they don't need for the needy. It would deter any woman but not Costello, who wants to have sex any way that night.

Selby has installed a tracker on her phone and takes Richard on a proper dinner. Costello's chemistry, both sublime and toxic, seems to intrigue Richard. After her mother told Ava about the interview in the paper, Paul comes to meet Gloria at the game zone where Iris is busy.

Gloria's mother left them when she was eight years old, and her father views her as a disappointment. Paul is in the same boat and the two connect over his mutuality. Paul also bonds with Iris, showing him that he can also be a child.

Ironically, he "rushes" into things himself while Costello sleeps with her back to him. She finds him pleasuring himself in the morning while she sleeps and that is the case for Richard in the series.

Selby is caught by Mason in his usual position in the public restroom and requests the money.

Gloria requests that she pick up Iris from school because she has to work. Selby is forced to move to the vacant house in Bruton, Somerset, where Costello paints Costello. Iris has been enlisted as Gloria describes Ava's mother as "a silly boring bitch."

Gloria departs and Iris arrives. Selby annonces his new life destination to Costello, and an alternative plan is suggested that Costello move to Bruton. He will be able to say goodbye to his mother, Iris will find a new school where no one knows her, and Selby will be still close to Iris, whom he so much loves.

Cash Carraway's latest episode of "Rain Dogs" focuses on Costello Jones' character arc in order to investigate Selby's emotional struggles with his mother. Meanwhile, Costello is shown indulgent in some sexual pleasure, and Gloria becomes a trustworthy friend to her during this time.

The attention was split quite generously among the three main characters, and this appears to be the appropriate move. Keeping Costello in the loop would only exaggerate his other sidekicks, and given how interesting they are, it would be cruel for them to continue to be on the sidelines.

Rain Dogs' slice-of-life approach is fantastic; the program manages to provide warm, misunderstood characters each with their own set of difficulties that they deal with together. This is what you expect from the Brits!

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