Recap & Review of Our Blooming Youth K-drama Episode 14

Recap & Review of Our Blooming Youth K-drama Episode 14 ...

In love with another person

Jo Won-bo celebrates his birth and receives gifts from his family members. He laments that he went empty-handed when a little boy broke the porcelain he intended to give Jo Won-bo. He explains how the Crown Prince intervened.

Jo Won-bo is told by his henchman that the Crown Prince was accompanying Sung-on and Soon-dol and that they are certain that the Sung-on and the eunuch are dead and the Crown Prince will not be able to escape the forest alive on his own.

Min Jae-yi and Sung-on send the Crown Prince to a doctor in Paju. The doctor assures them that he has no styptic, and Sung-on promises to get it from the doctor's house. On the way, he discovers a fight outside a house and discovers that Oh Man Sik's family has been murdered.

The Crown Prince goes to the doctor and uses the styptic to stop the bleeding. However, the doctor cautions them that the Crown Prince should not be moved. They are unable to take that risk if the armed men are nearby. They move the Crown Prince elsewhere and wait for him to wake up.

Min Jae-yi is a crying mess by his side as she blames herself for putting him in danger. She begs him to wake up and he does. He tells them that he is glad they are all alive and that he must stop crying.

Jo Won-bo goes to the daily Court Meetings and makes a testimony about meeting the Crown Prince near the market. The Han officials deny this and Jo Won-bo insists they check if the Crown Prince is at the Eastern Palace.

The King, accompanied by Chief State Councilor Kim An-Jik, Left State Councilor Han Joong-eon, and Jo Won-bo, drove straight to the Eastern Palace. There they find the Crown Prince, Sun-on, and Eunuch Soon-dol, and the officials leave. The King remains behind and discovers that the Crown Prince was hurt outside the palace.

Sung-on responds and says the people of Byeokcheon were chased Oh Man Sik, a member of the Byeokcheon clan. The King is quick to point out that the people of Byeokcheon are attempting to end the family. However, the Crown Prince corrects him and says Jo Won- bo is probably the culprit.

Sung-on believes they murdered Oh Man Sik, so he will not identify Jo Won-bo as the perpetrator. The King advises the Crown Prince to exercise caution and never let his foes see his weakness. He blames the Jo family for his deprivation of him.

Sung-on remembers a strange story about Oh Man Sik's family after the King's departure in Gaesong. Min Jae-yi and the Crown Prince are both surprised to learn this.

The Crown Prince remembers that Oh Man Sik was adamant that they were not criminals. He invites Sung-on to meet with Oh Man Sik's sister-in-law.

Jo Won-bo is ecstatic that the Crown Prince and his two friends are still alive. He asks Jo Won-oh to tell him once more where he saw the Crown Prince.

Tae-gang follows Park Han-su around him and overhears him extorting a fellow Jo family member. He wants money or he will talk about the shady things the family has been doing. He receives the money and departs in good spirits.

The Crown Prince develops a fever and Min Jae-yi nurses him throughout the night. He wakes up in the middle of the night and asks her why she knew that he would be in the east. Min Jae-yi replies that she knows where to find him. He asks if she is hurt or she assures him that she is okay.

Despite his lack of sleep, Sung-on spends the night alone wondering why Eunuch Soon-dol hugged the Crown Prince. He finds it strange that a fellow man displays such emotions toward another man.

Min Jae-yi is so grateful that the Crown Prince named her after her. She spends the night smiling to herself, becoming the perfect definition of whipped!

Myung-jin is in hot water with his mother the next morning, because she is irritated that he is two-timing women. Myung-jin was unaware that someone approached his fiancée to ask her to withdraw from the marriage. She is so grateful that she loves him and lets him spank him.

Ga-ram investigates the origins of the bracelet she bought from Myung-jin's fiancé in the market. She meets Bok-soon, who they meet, and they meet her there. While there, Bok-soon observes a woman being kicked out because she is from Byeokcheon. She trusts her abilities.

Min Jae-yi is abducted as part of a loyalty test to see if she will betray the Crown Prince. He eunuchs her and rushes to rescue her but she held her ground and refused to say anything. The other eunuchs report that she is carrying a pocket knife.

The Crown Prince instructs the head eunuch not to take the money, claiming that Soon-dol passed the loyalty test, and that the other eunuchs believe he is playing favorites. Concurrently, the court lady reports this and the fact that Min Jae-yi is wary of Tae-gang.

Min Jae-yi is taken to the library by the Crown Prince to check if she got hurt. She is grateful that he cares for her well-being, but he tells her that he has to let her go. He asks her to return to Sung-on, and he is certain that he will trust her. He is concerned that keeping her by his side may result in her being hurt.

Min Jae-yi says she will not give up on Sung-on because she believes she cannot leave him in danger alone. She believes she is on track to prove her innocence and is unwilling to give up. The Crown Prince is surprised to learn this and asks why she was dressed as an eunuch.

Sung-on arrives home to find his cousin from Jangju who has just been selected for the Crown Princess award, and they have begun preparations. His dad asks him to assist her as she is new to the capital.

Jo Won-bo sends his henchman to Myung-jin's lab where he discovers the Wanted Posters of Min Jae-yi all over the wall. He takes one with him and reports it to his boss. Myung-jin mentions Min-Jae-Yi as the lady he loves on the poster.

As they talk, he receives a visit from the bounty hunters who tell him about Ga-ram and the fact that they were unable to find Min Jae-yi. He pays the bounty hunters and promises to take care of Ga-ram himself.

The queen is informed that Paju was hurt, and that Soon-dol is wary of Tae-gang, and that Oh Man Sik and his family have been given a decent burial.

The Crown Prince leaves the palace in disguise with Min Jae-yi the following day. He is irritated that she has fallen in love with another man and urges her to keep her distance. He is interested to discover who this mysterious man is and fails to realize it is him. Min Jae-yi tells him that the man is a ludicrous person and she is blind to her feelings.

The Crown Prince defends such a guy, saying, "He should do his own thing." Min Jae-yi replies, "It's her feeling." He's ecstatic that a woman in Joseon loves him." They visit Bok-soon's tavern where they meet the kids and learn why Bok-soon and Man-deok asked the kids to live with them.

Ga-ram pulls Min Jae-yi aside and informs her about the bracelet she gave Myung-jin's fiancée. She is certain it was the same one Sim-yeong gave Min Jae-yi. The Crown Prince loses and is forced to buy food.

As they eat, they hear the news of a dead person in the street and rush out to see what's happened. Her fiancée, Myung-jin, is wearing the bracelet she bought from the merchant. Ga-ram asks her not to respond.

Jo Won-bo is ecstatic that he now has a card against the Crown Prince, while others wonder what led to the death of a young lady on the streets.

What an interesting turn of events! Jo Won-bo was just sitting and some hot information landed on his lap. This won't be good news for Min Jae-yi and the Crown Prince, considering how he will play this card.

The Crown Prince sat with the other guests at the tavern. He is the future king, but he is humble and genuine. He may have noticed how pleased and united they were at the little things.

I am curious to see how long it will take for him to realize that Min Jae-yi is so beautiful. He is already adamant about her. She is Sung-on's fiancée; she is his best friend. He wants to avoid hurting his best friend!

To discover that the Queen is behind the concealed messages that are being passed around the palace was a shocking surprise. We know Jo Won-bo is against her, but we still do not know her motivations or motives.

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