Recap & Review of Our Blooming Youth K-drama Episode 13

Recap & Review of Our Blooming Youth K-drama Episode 13 ...

The King's Will

Tae-gang denies Min Jae-yi's accusations and accuses the Crown Prince of being innocent. He stops him from hurting Min Jae-yi and asks him to leave first. He takes Min Jae-yi aside and says that he believes Tae-gang is innocent throughout.

Min Jae-yi is certain she saw Tae-gang's face but is willing to do more to remember because the Crown Prince vouched for Tae-gang. On the other hand, Tea-gang is surprised that his master willingly protected a woman deemed dangerous enough to kill her family.

Ga-ram is working on the clothes she received from Bok-soon, while Min Jae-yi is starting to dream of what happened the day the wedding gift was received.

Min Jae-yi sets out to investigate Tae-gang the following morning, and everyone claims to have seen him around the palace on the days she mentions. Ga-ram informs her that Myung-jin encountered a guy who resembled Tae-gang. The strange thing about that chance encounter was the man acted like he didn't recognize Myung-jin.

Min Jae-yi also mentions her incense memories and her last encounter with her adoptive brother. She remembers Sim-yeong even holding her hand, probably with her bracelet. She also asks Ga-ram if Sim-yeong had white hair, but Ga-ram insists he didn't.

The Crown Prince visits Tae-gang and assures him that he trusts him. He sends Tae-gang to follow up on the Park Han-su case, but he's concerned about Min Jae-yi's location. Bok-soon and her husband cleaned the incense pot, and Myung-jin tells her the sad news.

Min Jae-yi is taken to a place where he used to meet his late brother. While there, he expresses his brother's hopes and hopes that he will never disappoint him. He believes he recovered from his injuries and began his new life as a man to protect Min Jae-yi with everything he had. He gives her the pocket knife he once stole from her.

Min Jae-yi arrives at her room and meets Tae-gang who was spies on her. He claims that he was innocent and he was studying at the library. He tells her that he is not the person in her memories. He departs.

The children the Crown Prince rescued show up at the tavern to have a meal. On the other hand, Ga-ram dresses up as a woman and asks Myung-jin to give her up. She bought a bracelet similar to the one Sim-yeong gave Min Jae-yi. He only saw her return and ran away to the tavern believing she was his fiancée.

Man-deok quickly covers the boy's name up so that Myung-jin doesn't notice. He returns to his lab and shares the good news about the kids' return with Ga-ram.

Sung-on tells the Crown Prince that he has finally tracked down Oh Man Sik, who apparently moved to Paju under a fake name and started a lined shop. Sung-on proposes to interrogate him, but the Crown Prince and Min Jae-yi insist on joining them. Tae-gang is a group of people who have never spoken publicly before.

Jo Won-bo, the owner of a man, has sent his son to kill Oh Man Sik before he speaks to the Crown Prince, and is hoping that his men may defeat Sung-on at the same time.

Min Jae-yi, Sung-on, and the Crown Prince travel to Paju, but Oh Man Sik spots them and flees. He is chased by an arrow and dies; the rest of the armed men retreat to the forest.

Min Jae-yi suggests they pursue and they pursue. The Crown Prince gets separated from them and is shot with an arrow in his abdomen. The Crown Prince tries to find them but finds only a bag and signs of a brutal struggle. He believes them to be dead and blames himself for their deaths.

Although he is profusely bleeding, he tries to find the Crown Prince down the mountain. Concurrently, Sung-on and Min Jae-yi survive the fall and return up the mountain to find the Crown Prince. Min Jae-yi is a crying mess hoping that the Crown Prince will survive.

Min Jae-yi remembers a conversation they had about the Eastern Palace being on the East. She is also hurt but refuses to return until they discover the Crown Prince. They walk, yelling for the Crown Prince.

Jo Won-bo's men cold-heartedly murder Oh Man Sik's family while they fight for their lives.

Myung-jin's father sends his servant away early and asks everyone to keep their rooms locked because he is expecting an important guest. The guest turns out to be the King who secretly wanted to meet with him and Left State Councilor Han Joong-Eon.

The King is very concerned about the Crown Prince's forthcoming nuptials. He does not want the Jo family to become his in-laws. Han Joong-eon has asked his niece to be brought to the Crown Princess selection. He also wants them to make certain a woman from the Han family is chosen.

Han Joong-eon, a left state councilor, promises to do his best to uphold the King's wishes. Even though Chief State Councilor Kim An-Jik is against the idea, he is willing to take his part.

The King splits the Milbu in half and gives each one a piece. If something happens to the Crown Prince, the King wants them to have the Milbu and a secret letter to protect him. The King wants them to use it when and if he dies to prevent the Jo family from harming the Crown Prince.

If anything happens, the King declares that the letter is his Will, and that the two will carry on to protect the Crown Prince. He expects the five troops to deploy and protect the Crown Prince. He trusts the two of them to do as he ordered.

Sung-on and Min Jae-yi try their best to find the Crown Prince. Min Jae-yi has another memory of a promise she made to the Crown Prince that they would be safe from each other. Finally, Min Jae-yi finds the Crown Prince and hugs him with a big hug much to Sung-on's surprise.

In this episode, there was a lot that was revealed. The King is protecting the Crown Prince and is not following Jo Won-bo's instructions. He just believes that he isn't capable enough to overthrow him. This is why he is planning to strengthen the Crown Prince in the event something happens to him. He is just one step away from being poisoned by Jo Won-bo.

Tae-gang might be suspicious, but I don't believe he was the messenger or attempted to harm the Crown Prince. It's possible that he is from Byeokcheon and has a twin brother, as I mentioned before.

Min Jae-yi realized that she loved the Crown Prince. She wanted to tell him when she cried, pleading with the heavens for him to be alive. She wants to confess her feelings, and we'll be interested to see how she will do it. Will the Crown Prince reciprocate, and when will they reveal Sung-on the truth?

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