Following an eight-game suspension, Ja Morant has pledged to be more accountable

Following an eight-game suspension, Ja Morant has pledged to be more accountable ...

For the first time since his eight-game suspension, Ja Morant has addressed the media and is pledging to make a positive internal change. According to ESPN, the athlete discussed his methods of managing stress by enrolling in a counseling program and stated that he is currently in a "mental state."

Before his suspension, Ja claimed that alcohol abuse wasn't the reason for his decision to seek counseling. Morant's statements follow an analysis made by NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who claimed that the Memphis Grizzlies player appeared to be in an "intoxicated state" during an Instagram live where he displayed a firearm.

"I took the time to learn more about myself and get better mentally." "I've made mistakes in the past that have resulted in a lot of negative attention," he said.

Morant said, "I don't have an alcohol problem or alcohol problem." "I went to Florida for counseling to learn how to deal with stress and cope with stress in a positive way rather than ways I've tried to deal with it before that caused me to make mistakes."

The 23-year-old basketball legend admitted that he was concerned about the reaction of fans to his return to the court. The thought of potential criticism from the crowd makes him admittedly "uncomfortable."

'It's a lot, man, and a lot of people don't realize what's going on — not in my shoes right now with all that's been going on as of late. Obviously, I accept responsibility for decisions that've hurt me to the core.'

“It impacted me, but it also affected everyone around me — my family, this organization, and my teammates,” he said openly. “One thing I love to do the most is play basketball,” he continued, adding, “I’m going to continue to do that to stay healthy.”

During a home game against the Houston Rockets, Ja Morant will return to the court on Wednesday (March 22).

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