Tasha K Apologizes to Cardi B After Losing Defamation Lawsuit Appeal

Tasha K Apologizes to Cardi B After Losing Defamation Lawsuit Appeal ...

Tasha K has issued an apology to Cardi B after her appeal of a $4 million defamation lawsuit filed against her by Cardi B was denied on Tuesday (March 21), and a judge overturned the rap star's appeal of a $4 million judgment she initially sought in January 2021.

'Damn Winos,' she said of her followers while she reported the news. 'We lost the appeal against Cardi B, a sad day.'

Before extending an olive branch to Cardi, the 41-year-old expressed her determination in the wake of the defeat, thanking supporters for their loyalty. Throughout this struggle, I've thrown in the white flag. What happened will never happen again. I apologize sincere to Cardi and her team. We live and learn.

Tasha K wrote in the caption, "My mouth can't cash!" before hopping on Twitter to warn supporters of unauthorized fundraisers in her name. "Please DO NOT donate to any GoFundMe's in my name!" she tweeted. The rabble-rouser then added levity to the situation by photographing herself in a McDonald's outfit in another post.

"#TashaKGetsAJOB," she wrote in the caption. "I'll let you know what part-time job I get so I can pay off this awful debt." "I'm gonna get it," she said. @McDonalds @wendys @burgerking "I'll take any positions available."

Tasha K, a rapper born in New York City, was first sued by Cardi B after a polarizing commentator claimed that she had a sexual transmitted disease on social media, among other claims. She claims she was "extremely suicidal" as a result of Kebe's defamatory statements and talked about how it affected her mental health in January 2022.

Kebe filed an appeal seeking a new trial in September 2022, but a judge ordered her to pay the mother of two $4 million immediately or to secure funding as part of her appellate process.

Cardi B appeared to respond to the verdict via a social media post shortly after it was announced. The photo shows a dog wearing a turtleneck sweater and a chain around its collar.

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