J. Cole admits to starting to smoke cigars at the age of 6

J. Cole admits to starting to smoke cigars at the age of 6 ...

J. Cole spoke about his life story and revealed that he began smoking cigarettes at the age of six.

Myers and Cole began to discuss "disciplinary action" four minutes into the hour-long chat, with the former asking what he's ever done as a kid that needed to be "corrected." The Golden State Warriors' general manager replied, revealing that he used to smoke "frequently."

"I was smoking cigarettes everyday around the neighborhood when I was 6 years old," he said. "They were smoking, and I was young and fearless and striving to be cool."

The Off-Season entertainer said his mother had no clue what he was doing until his big brother Zach caught him in the act and informed his guardian.

"She was like, 'Say something.' When I said it, she bent down and smelled the smoke on my breath." "That was the first time I became aware that, 'Oh, my actions can hurt someone else.'"

The new information about the celebrated rhymer may be familiar to fans of the North Carolina native who previously said he would talk about the ordeal at another time.

“I knew we had no Boblo boat,” he spits without going into great detail. “That’s for another story, to God be the glory,/I made it out unscathed, and now I sunbathe/With my son in Tanzanian sunrays, thinking ’bout dumb days.”

Cole recently released a new song with BTS' J-Hope, titled "On The Street," which he described as an exciting event.

J-Hope talks about working on the song with Cole, referring to him as his muse, and the possibility to fulfill his "childhood fantasy."

The artistic director of Dreamville echoes the South Korean artist's sentiments, saying, "It's a joy to be here."

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