Luther: Night Falls is still #1 on Netflix, and it is no longer a mystery whether or not there will be a sequel

Luther: Night Falls is still #1 on Netflix, and it is no longer a mystery whether or not there will  ...

Netflix is well-versed in maximizing its greatest hits, but to recognize its potential from time to time, it must take risks. Luther, the well-known series starring Idris Elba, is an example of extending it to film format. The outcomes appear to be excellent.

Luther: Night Falls is far from a round film, but it has offered something different from what was expected from the filmmaker, who has transformed the detective into an action hero comparable to James Bond on many levels, and this is also evident in its budget.


Night Falls is a trailer for Luther.

Spectacular chases around London, excursions to other countries, and special effects... This platform production has taken a step forward that may not be limited to the next film in the series.

For the time being, if there had been speculation about a continuation of Luther: Night falls, it hasn't been confirmed, although in several Anglo-Saxon pages it is reported that they are waiting for the news.

In the final minutes of the film, Idris Elba's narrative opens the path to a fresh plot. Although we will not reveal the details in order not to spoil anyone's interest in the film.

Luther: Nightfall is the world's number one film.

Luther: Night Falls is the most-viewed English-language film of the moment, with 69,540,000 hours seen in the last week, according to a list published a few hours ago by the same platform.

When viewed alongside the second most viewed film, Far Away, it shows that it has surpassed the norm. This totals 14,830,000 hours on YouTube.

Idris Elba's next projects haven't been promoted much at the moment, although we know that he will reprise his role as Knuckles in Sonic 3, a sequel we're looking forward to. Additionally, he will play Solomon Reed in Cyberpunk 2077-Phantom Liberty.

We do not rule out seeing another Luther movie from Netflix in the near future. Idris Elba is certain to be willing to continue his love for a character he seems to enjoy.

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