Amnesia: The Bunker wants to avoid linearity and promises always new games

Amnesia: The Bunker wants to avoid linearity and promises always new games ...

Frederik Olsson, the game's creative director, spoke with GamingBolt about the game and how the team wishes to avoid linearity and make each new game evolve differently.

Frictional Games aimed to create an environment that allows players to play more than one game, according to Olsson. Amnesia: The Bunker also includes several features that allow it to "avoid linearity and predictability."

Olsson said of GamingBolt that one of the most important principles of developing this game has been to make it an experience players will want to repeat, either on their own or after seeing someone else play it. Every feature of the game is designed to be unique, so the player never has to know how long it will take to overcome an obstacle.

"We have chosen a number of rules that we feel provide a solid foundation for this type of experience. A generator that continuously burns gasoline introduces an element of time and can instantly change the situation if it runs out", says the player, and with a noisy light source. "Every game is unique, therefore, every gameplay is heavily influenced by the player. "

The Bunker will alter the location of objects, traps, and even codes in order to solve puzzles and advance.

"We realized that making certain elements random would increase the replayability of the game," said Olsson. "The resources, traps, and important codes are all random, and the codes themselves are also randomly generated to avoid cheating. Together, these elements create a game that evolves differently with each playthrough, offering new and unique challenges."

Perhaps the goal is to develop a game that encourages those who prefer to watch video games on Twitch and YouTube to purchase: knowing that your game will be different from that of the streamer on duty will provide an incentive to purchase.

Amnesia: The Bunker will serve as a refuge for players.

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