Ghostwriter is a new AI from Ubisoft that assists scriptwriters in writing dialogue for NPCs

Ghostwriter is a new AI from Ubisoft that assists scriptwriters in writing dialogue for NPCs ...

Ubisoft demonstrates that you have more than just games, by launching an IA program called Ghostwriter, which aims to assist scriptwriters with NPC dialogues in PCSteam Deck, PS4PS5, and Xbox y Switch.

For this reason Ubisoft Ghostwriter is described as a "AI tool".

Ubisoft's other titles include Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Ghost Recon, which are all developing for NPCs.

"We present Ubisoft Ghostwriter, an internally developed AI tool that aims to assist our writers in generating the first draft of our NPC's barks," according to the company.

Ubisoft's AI can be seen in its descriptions of the NPCs when the players interact with the game world.

“This program has been developed in collaboration with the authors in order to create more realistic NPC interactions by generating variations on a piece of dialogue.

Find out how our teams will utilize artificial intelligence to manage repetitive tasks while freeing up time to focus on other essential tasks in the game.

He expresses his intention to "save writers' time" while giving a brief explanation of how the game works.

The Ubisoft Entertainment logo will always be there.

Assassin's Creed or new games, this tool aims to assist in game development, allowing this part to be less chaotic.

At the time it is discovered, it may or may not save time, but what is clear right now is that many will certainly not favor an AI that would write the majority of a screenwriter.

Whether it's in PS Plus or Game Pass games, the French company could have envisioned it in order to avoid the labor shortage among your employees, although they also prioritized Ubisoft Quartz.

The above-seen video explains that the technology was developed in consultation with the company's "storytelling teams." Some experts have praised the news.

For the time being, Ubisoft continues to make the Ghostwriter announcement, acting as an AI that assists scriptwriters in writing dialogue for NPCs.

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