Bonnie Sue Clark: Who Was David Koresh's Mother? How Did She Destroy?

Bonnie Sue Clark: Who Was David Koresh's Mother? How Did She Destroy? ...

'Waco: American Apocalypse,' a Netflix series, chronicles how ATF members met their deaths during a massive fire outside Waco, Texas, and how they were served a warrant. The incident escalated into a firefight and an ongoing siege that lasted 51 days.

The FBI decided to use tear gas to expel the members, but the building apparently caught on fire, leading to a massacre. The Netflix documentary discusses Bonnie Sue Clark, David Koresh's mother.

Bonnie Sue Clark, who was she?

Bonnie Sue Clark was born on August 17, 1959, in Houston, Texas, alongside her sister, Beverly Clark. David's father left his mother before the baby was born. However, Bonnie soon decided to leave her son with her mother, Earline Clark, before accompanying her boyfriend out of town.

Bonnie Sue Clark was a married couple to Roy Haldeman and they were active members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Even David was influenced by Bonnie's religious beliefs.

Bonnie was never a member of the Branch Davidians, and had no role to play in David Koresh's beliefs. However, when she learned of the FBI's arrest at the Mount Carmel Center headquarters, she became concerned for her son's safety. That was when she approached Houston's criminal defense lawyer Dick DeGuerin, who was reportedly present during the siege.

Dick later stated that David refused to hear his counsel and instead based all his actions on the will of God. Eventually, the FBI decided to use tear gas in order to expel David and his followers out of the mostly wooded compound. However, as the day progressed, several Branch Davidians, including children, were found still inside.

Officials claim that 76 Branch Davidians and their children were killed in the fire, but an autopsy found David's body inside a dusty grave. Four other members of the family attended the small funeral of David Koresh.

What Was the Cause of Bonnie Sue Clark's Death?

Bonnie remained close to Beverly Clark until she accepted David's terrible death. She eventually agreed to an interview with Texas Monthly in which she recalled David's childhood and talked about his involvement with the Branch Davidians.

Bonnie Sue Clark was discovered stabbed to death in Beverly Clark's house near Chandler, Texas, on January 23, 2009. Besides, people who knew her claimed she was scheduled to see her sister, Beverly, on January 23. Although she was not mentally fit to stand trial, she was convicted in court in 2018.

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