Heather Jones: Where is the ex-Waco resident now?

Heather Jones: Where is the ex-Waco resident now? ...

'Waco: American Apocalypse,' a Netflix documentary on the 1993 standoff between the federal government and the religious Branch Davidians, gives us a true insight into what changed our world in 51 days. After all, it's also a collection of past officials to shine a light on one of history's most significant and controversial sieges, including none other than then-9-year-old child survivor Heather Jones.

Heather Jones, who is she?

Heather Jones was a generation member of the Branch Davidians compound at Mt. Carmel Center, as well as loving grandparents, warm aunts, caring uncles, and funny cousins, as well as Tiller Russell's uncle by marriage in this Netflix documentary series.

Heather's world shifted in 1990 as her mother packed her bags and left Mt. Carmel for good once their self-proclaimed Messiah abolished the whole concept of union/marriage for them. She recalled her uncle David's alleged extensive sexual relationships with minors in the Netflix original; all she received were brutal spankings.

Heather says she remembers talking to the other girls who were 10 to maybe 13 who would enthuse and enthuse about being one of [David's] wives one day and having his children... but not me. He'd take me to his room, he'd put the paddle to my butt, and he'd say, 'Okay,' before reversing it again. He'd treat me like a human being.'

Heather, a 9-year-old girl, was released on March 5, 1993, believing she would soon be able to talk to her loving father on a phone call when she arrived at a secure location. But unfortunately, his grandfather died in the compound fire on April 19, day 51, as well.

Heather's most distressing moments included her being surrounded by hostile FBI Hostage Rescue Team members while they removed the stuffed toys she'd been carrying to check for bombs. "They just started a fire and killed themselves," said the latter.

What Has Happened to Heather Jones?

Heather Jones admitted that she "started having terrible nightmares." They included things like David's murder, the fire, and her younger siblings' deaths. She then moved in with their mother shortly after, who then worked hard to enroll them in a Waco-area public school. It's an experience she'll never forget.

Heather has maintained her status as a married mother of three from what we can tell. However, in terms of details, it's unclear what she has been up to in the last few years, yet she has made it clear that she has turned her back on religion in its entirety. It's also why she still visits Mt. Carmel.

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