Season 3 Episode 2 of Ted Lasso Recap & Review

Season 3 Episode 2 of Ted Lasso Recap & Review ...

Chelsea's Match

Barbara gives her notes on certain payments and when they are due. Keeley tries to express her gratitude to Barbara and the other employees, but they don't respond.

Ted visits Rebecca's office with his jolly morning greeting to discover her, Keeley, and Leslie talking with Trent Crimm. Turns out, the journalist wants to stay in touch with the club this year and publish a book about them. It's his choice as manager. Despite her, Keeley, and Leslie all vehemently supporting Trent, Ted says yes.

Leslie discovers that legendary footballer Zava has left his Italian club Juventus. The world-class striker wants to play in the Premier League because his wife saw the office. They discuss whether or not they should try and persuade him to join Richmond, and Rebecca replies, yes. Outside, Ted and Keeley catch up.

Isaac sees Keeley and says she'll check into it. Isaac responds, saying she'll. They've been dating since they were 10 years old. As they talk, Isaac senses her approaching Keeley and asks Roy if they're okay. Jamie responds, but Roy misunderstands and pushes him back. William, the new kit man, watches awkwardly from the side but refuses to say a word.

Ted asks Coach Beard about his views on Zava. Beard replies to Ted that he already knows about Zava and shows him the viral youtube video Veggie Dog Vigilante. In the video, a man attempts to steal a store at gunpoint but is confronted by a customer, who turns out to be Zava. Both make a wish.

The boys get involved in a fight, prompting Ted to remove the coaches and forcing Beard to ask for his book. As he insists that he was the one who split with Keeley, Roy tells William to refrain from saying a word in front of him.

Keeley meets Shandy Fine, an old pal who makes her debut on her own. Shandy suggests that the clients increase the number of people they want to see instead of lighting the scene. Keeley is surprised.

Rebecca's mother texts her to say that her psychic Tish is considering contacting Rebecca. Later, Leslie comes in to tell Rebecca that Zava is refusing to meet them. His people thought it was a waste of time and embarrassing. Chelsea is the better choice.

Trent Crimm is completely ignored by everyone in Richmond. Although, Ted has given him a room with Roy. His desk is covered with cards and other presents relating to his separation from his well wishes. When Trent attempts to make a phone call, he bursts balloons.

Barbara asks Keeley about her experience and education and attacks Keeley for hiring her. She sees Barbara's snow globe collection from all the places her office has sent her to. She tells Barbara that she believes in Shandy and that maybe they may be able to trust her together, the way Barbara did in Barbara.

Trent tries to talk to Roy and requests that he give him a chance, but Roy refuses.

The commentators predict that Richmond would be able to stay in the Premier League for a short time. Mae and the three boys (Baz, Jeremy, and Paul) relax in the stands while the latter watches Shandy's text about getting mimosas to work. Leslie tells them he heard the news that Zava is likely to join Chelsea.

Roy enters the stadium and greets Bruce, from the Chelsea security team, who is also concerned about his separation. The Roy Kent chant grows and grows until Zava gets up and recognizes it. On the field, Dani tells Jamie he's nervous to play in front of him, but Jamie is unconcerned.

Chelsea almost immediately wins a goal, but Leslie sees Rupert meet Zava. Rebecca says she always asks her out and when she refused, he kept coming back. Six weeks later she said yes because he had made her feel special.

Ted tells the Chelsea players that they are being too unoffensive. Jamie has an idea but dismisses him as soon as Trent enters the match. He shows him a clipping from an article that mocked Roy's debut in the Premier League. He admits he thought he was being cheesy and making a name for himself. He doesn't know why.

Rebecca decides to go and try sweet-talking Zava herself, but finds her way blocked by Zava's security. Rupert arrives and praises Nathan as a great manager. Zava arrives and Rupert introduces them. Rebecca thinks Richmond used to be what Rupert loved the most.

Rebecca enters the men's bathroom and rants at Zava for choosing West Ham as their obvious winner, even if he hadn't chosen it. She dismisses him as overrated and claims he wouldn't have chosen it if he wanted to prove how fantastic he was.

Richmond's second half goes well. Their tactics work, and they get a goal right off Dani's face! Chelsea is 0-0.

Chelsea manager announces Zava as the club's next player. Zava claims he changed his mind when he left. Rupert is disappointed; Rebecca and the others are shocked but ecstatic.

Coahc Beard returns to work and Ted and Trent discuss their week of recuperation. Roy admits that it was a bit disappointing. He explained how the team did well but he didn't play well throughout the season. He decided to quit rather than wait to be dropped by the club. That's not who he is, according to Ted.

This episode more resembles a traditional Ted Lasso episode in that there are one (or two) key conflicts and Ted plays his usual supportive role. That conclusion really underscores the general theme of how we all are flawed individuals striving to become better.

Rebecca's romance with Rupert is a drag. While Hannah Waddingham is engaging in her description of how Rupert wooed her (it's a good story), her ongoing stalemate continues to be regressive. However, the way she dealt with Zava was interesting.

Jamie notices that Roy and Keeley have broken up, but turns back and approaches Roy instead. It's a hundred times better than a love triangle!

It's also fascinating because everyone's assumption that Keeley would marry him is, technically, proving his fears right.

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