Sara Beth Liebe, an American Idol competitor, has spoken out against Katy Perry's remarks

Sara Beth Liebe, an American Idol competitor, has spoken out against Katy Perry's remarks ...

Sara Beth Liebe, an American Idol participant, has spoken up after Katy Perry was chastised for supposedly mocking her during the audition.

Here's all you need to know about the game.

Sara Beth Liebe wreaks havoc on American Idol's judges during the 5th March episode. She revealed that she had given birth to three children under the age of 25.

Katy Perry on the other hand expressed her surprise by pretending to be awed by the revelation.

'If Katy lays on the table, I think I'll pass out,' Liebe said, according to the apparent spur of the moment.

Perry replied, 'Honey, you've been putting your food on the table too much.'

Meanwhile, the aspiring singer shared a video on her TikTok handle, saying that Perry's joke was "hurtful."

'I mentioned that I had three children, was a young mother,' Katy Perry said at the start of her audition.

'It was,' she continued, 'it was disgraceful to have that on television. It was troubling,' and, you know, that's all.

Liebe then went on to encourage people to empower women. Subsequently, she addressed a young mother out there who came to her looking for assistance.

Nevertheless, Liebe gave birth to her first child at the age of 18 as per the contents of her TikTok account.

She has also eschewed social media from her three young children. She has also failed to reveal any other information about her children's age or gender.

Shortly after Sara Beth Liebe's audition, Katy Perry found herself in hot water.

Many users took to social media to accuse the 25-year-old singer of 'bullying.'

Perry's supporters defended her, claiming the singer-songwriter was only being'honest.' They also said that Liebe, who plays Lady Gaga, was encouraging Liebe to give her all.

'It's like you're late tonight on American idol,' wrote a user, 'because you don't have the time to think about your dreams,' and 'I'm just so glad you're here!'

'Being honest is now bullying,' another said.

'Katy Perry is judging a contestant and a program that judges contestants,' another chimed in to say, 'Eventhough you've heard of @SimonCowell?'

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