Recap of Ted Lasso's Season 3 Episode 2 relationship with AFC Richmond?

Recap of Ted Lasso's Season 3 Episode 2 relationship with AFC Richmond? ...

Ted Lasso, an Apple TV+ series, is recapping the second episode of his two-part series "(I Don't Want to Go) Chelsea." The episode includes spoilers.

Zava is a funny character played by Maximilian Osinski of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The only question is whether or not he will be able to save AFC Richmond from being relegated.

Recap of Ted Lasso's Season 3 episode 2

Ted Lasso walks into Rebecca's office, giving her the usual box of goodies. Higgins and Keeley meet with Trent Crimm, a former reporter who left The Independent last year.

Crimm has approached Rebecca to pursue AFC Richmond for a season and write a book. Ted tells him it's a great idea.

Per Trent Crimm, Zava declares to Ted that he is leaving his team in Italy. Per Higgins, Zava wants to play in the Premier League because his wife listened to The Office.

When Rebecca corrects Higgins, Ted comments on England's "pre-make" in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Keeley is against the idea since Zava goes through teams, while Rebecca goes through manicurists (Higgins notes that he has been on 14 teams in 15 years). When West Ham says yes, Crimm breaks down to Rebecca, who admits it, but the former reporter says he loves it.

No, Roy admits to the team that he lost love with Keeley. When Ted hears Roy and Keeley break up, he faints and Coach Beard catch him.

Beard screams a girlish scream when he hears it. The entire team is shocked. Even Jamie attempts to comfort him, which results in swearing and them pushing each other. However, when Ted asks Roy to take the CD labelled "Ted's Break-up Mix" out of his desk, he says he understands. Then asks, "What's a CD?"

"Newcomer Roy Kent is an overhyped, so-called prodigy who made his Premier League debut a total flop," Crimm writes. The former reporter said in an interview with Crimm that it "ruined him."

Crimm admits that he was attempting to be edgy and make a name for himself. He also saw the worst in people, and he apologized. Roy accepts and assures the team that he can now speak in front of him.

Season 3 Episode 2 of Ted Lasso's Ending Explained

During his match against Richmond, Zava meets with Chelsea. Rupert jumps in, and Rebecca knows he is going to West Ham. Why? Because Rebecca knows Rupert is extremely persuasive.

Why not for AFC Richmond, a team that really needs him? He announces that he has changed his mind and that he will sign with AFC Richmond at the Chelsea signing ceremony.

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