Netflix wants to savor our video games!

Netflix wants to savor our video games! ...

Netflix wants to engulf us in video games, so here's how to find them.

Published on 03/22/2023 at 08:03

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This year, Netflix intends to release a slew of video games.

Netflix's gaming division was established in 2021, and although very few subscribers to the service use it, the company is not going back: on the contrary, it promises to release more games this year.

Many players who ignore Netflix Games have already subscribed to it.

Only a small percentage of people are unaware or uninterested in watching Netflix Games. You must download the app on iOS or Android or look for the games published by the company in the coming years.

40 more games are planned this year, and more will follow!

Netflix has stated that as well as forty new video games will be added to its catalog this year. Sixteen titles are currently being developed by the company's internal studios, and seventy new titles are being developed together with their partners for the future. Above all, the company wants to continue diversifying its gaming offerings to attract more customers.

Announced, available, and upcoming games

In his press release, the American business specifically mentions a few things.

The first mention of High Voltage Seduction: Love at Stake is a title inspired by the reality series S├ęduction haute tension (Too Hot to Handle, in VO). Nanobit, the developer of the title, is also developing a new game based on the series.

Highwater, a game developed by Demagog Studio and Rogue Games, has been released on iOS and Android since March 7, via Netflix Games. Throughout the journey, you will meet, socialize, fight, and discover hidden places.

Terra Nil, a game that combines Devolver Digital and Free Lives, was already announced on March 28, but it has now been confirmed that it will be available via Netflix subscription on March 28. From the music to the visual direction, everything is done to appease you in this highly contemplative management game.

The two giants are collaborating on more games after the success of Unknown Soldiers: Brothers in Arms, which was developed by Ubisoft. The first game will be released on April 18 on mobile devices, with Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace.

The Monument Valley games and Monument Valley 2, which were released by a ustwo studio in 2014 and 2017, were previously paid games per unit. They will be available on smartphones beginning in 2024, and they will be available for those who have already subscribed to Netflix.

The Super Evil Megacorp studio and Netflix have announced a new partnership. You may already know them for titles like Vainglory or Catalyst Black. It is scheduled to be released "soon," and further details will be announced later this year.

Netflix Games is expected to add around 40 games to its lineup this year alone, which will be included in all Netflix subscriptions.

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