The Morbius DLC for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is now available

The Morbius DLC for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is now available ...

The Hungerprecisely dedicated to Morbius is now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S by Marvel's Midnight Suns. In addition, the team has released a special trailer.

The Hunger is a short narrative campaign that follows the Marvel Midnight Suns team's quest to recruit Morbius. Hydra will not be missing from the campaign.

The Il trailer begins with a narrative sequence in which the vampire hunter Blade meets Morbius. Immediately afterwards, gameplay sequences follow, allowing us to see Morbius' attacks in Marvel's Midnight Suns. The trailer also explains that Dracula will be faced.

Morbius has 11 unique abilities in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and, as you might expect, he focuses on granting him armor and causing all attacks to apply Bleed.

Blade is already there in Marvel's Midnight Suns, which applies Bleeding to multiple enemies through the use of chain abilities. Morbius, however, concentrates on putting a lot of Bleed on a single opponent, which is ideal for boss fights or battles with a lot of life points.

The Hunger DLC also includes Marvel's Midnight Suns, as well as a new Abbey Research project that allows players to acquire permanent modifiers for secondary stats.

The number of heroes in the game is increasing, but keep in mind that Marvel's Midnight Suns included 25 characters in its original plot, and the film's director would like 60.

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