Bob Ricks: What Has Happened to Wacos' FBI Officer?

Bob Ricks: What Has Happened to Wacos' FBI Officer? ...

'Waco: American Apocalypse,' a Netflix documentary on the brutal siege by the federal government over the Branch Davidian sect, offers a real insight into what transpired back in 1993. After all, there were so many costly errors made by both sides that it resulted in the deaths of 86 individuals: 4 agents as well as 82 religious members, including 28 young children.

Bob Ricks, who is he?

Robert "Bob" Ricks was a youngster in Texas when he began his studies at Baylor University (1962-1967) before earning his Juris Doctorate from its prestigious law school (1969-1969).

Bob became an official within the government in 1969, following which he gradually advanced through the ranks to reach the top. In fact, that’s why he was able to hold every position in his 26 years of active service.

Bob served as the Chairman of the Oklahoma Federal Executive Board and the Drug Enforcement Administration's Chief Counsel for a short period. However, his incredible FBI career came to an end in 1995, his final assignment being Special Agent in Charge of the downtown Oklahoma City Field Office.

What Has Happened to Bob Ricks?

Bob was appointed Secretary of Safety & Security by Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating shortly following his retirement, which he obviously professed with pride. After all, this prestigious position required him to oversee the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Emergency Management. He was also working as the Commissioner of Public Safety, putting him in direct command of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Bob resigned from these roles in 2003 because he had the wonderful chance to become the Chief of Police in Edmond, Oklahoma, a position he held until 2017, yet it seems like he has since decided to just live a quiet existence. As demonstrated by his recent internet presence, he likely prefers to stay away from the public eye.

Bob maintains that David Koresh was not insane or psychotic; "Probably the best description of him is a master manipulator. Did he believe he was Christ?" He claims the FBI "did not start any fires." There have been multiple independent investigations, and they know that we did not do that."

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