Where is the ex-Waco resident now, David Thibodeau?

Where is the ex-Waco resident now, David Thibodeau? ...

The 1993 conflict between the federal government and the Branch Davidians religious sect in the Mt. Carmel Center community was so serious that it cost 86 lives; 4 agents and 82 sect members, including 28 children, and, on the other hand, there were, fortunate, a few people who managed to get out of the compound alive, including now public personality David Thibodeau.

David Thibodeau, who is he?

David ostensibly moved to California shortly after graduating high school in 1987 after discovering his mother's musical interests. Nevertheless, his whole world unraveled in 1991 when he saw David Koresh, the Branch Davidians' leader, and his right-hand man Steven "Steve" Emil Schneider.

In the Netflix original documentary series, David candidly stated, 'You are a drummer?' The trio then introduced themselves to one another while making small talk, only for the sect head to immediately state, 'You don't realize how every day there are forces carving out your path.'

Since this was exactly the way his life was at the time, David began researching this duo and eventually joined their Christian group because of friendly, warm people like Steve. Regardless, he never considered himself a Branch Davidian member or believed their leader was the Messiah, which is why the 1993 siege bothered him more than anyone else.

David remained right in the Waco, Texas, compound until the very end, until a massive fire broke out at the entire building on April 19, 1993 (day 51 of the bitter standoff), only for it to result in nothing short of heartbreak, terror, and loss unlike anything else in history.

What Has Happened to David Thibodeau?

Although he was not actively involved in the Branch Davidians' activities, David Thibodeau was nonetheless charged with a myriad of criminal charges in the needlessly long-running, fatal siege. He has never shied away from criticizing the authorities for the way they served their arrest warrants for David Koresh or the media for their portrayal of the same.

David has apparently always been open about his own personal experience of the Texas siege, which is why he was even invited to write a book about it in 1999, only to have it serve as a fantastic model for the 2018 Paramount crime drama miniseries 'Waco.' However, from what we can tell from his social media platforms, he continues to visit Texas often.

David has been a member of many bands since 1993, including Why Am I?, Lefty, Pha tt Sally, Sideways, and The Blast Addicts. Though the musician's main interest now appears to be being an actor and educator, or giving live lectures.

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